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I RE­ALLY agree with the June 7-11 pub­li­ca­tion of an open let­ter to all moth­ers-in-law. I’ve been there – it’s the truth. But it is a one-sided story. As a Mus­lim, sharia dic­tates that it is the duty of the son to first obey the mother with­out harm­ing his wife’s feel­ings and also to try to keep a good re­la­tion­ship be­tween the mother-in-law and daugh­ter-in-law. The writer for­got, or is not aware, that these days a daugh­terin-law may be in the shape of a hu­man be­ing but with the char­ac­ter of a witch. They earn their own so they feel they have the right to keep their hus­bands away from their moth­ers. I chal­lenge any Mus­lim wo­man who knows sharia to tell me why she dis­agrees with me.



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