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1. Q: Who beat Evonne Goolagong Caw­ley in 40 min­utes to win a sixth Wim­ble­don sin­gles ti­tle?

2. What did Go­ran Ivani­se­vic re­frain from do­ing at Wim­ble­don in 1994, to win a $2 000 bet?

3. Q: What Ne­vada-born tennis star had a ball and rac­quet to stare at above his crib?

4. What’s Bil­lie Jean King’s maiden name?

5: What tennis player’s last name means “she who re­turns” in Czech? – Source: www. triv­i­aplay­

Navratilova’s. Martina 5. Mof­fitt. 4. Agassi. An­dre 3. racket. his Throw­ing 2. King. Jean Bil­lie 1.

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