SA needs change to make progress

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AS A CIT­I­ZEN of this coun­try, I would like to ex­press my con­cerns re­gard­ing the sense­less killings, rapes, rob­beries, hi­jack­ings, mug­gings, bul­ly­ing and the many other forms of anti-so­cial be­hav­iour that has plagued this coun­try for many years.

I may ap­pear to be ap­a­thetic or a pes­simist but, be­fore any­one shoots me down, al­low me to ex­plain.

Our peo­ple will rant on so­cial me­dia plat­forms, hold vig­ils, mo­bilise to march and shout at the top of our voices. Un­for­tu­nately, all of the above fall on deaf ears.

Just re­mem­ber, if the law of the coun­try does not change to pun­ish se­ri­ous and vi­o­lent crim­i­nals with harsher sen­tences, there is no de­ter­rent.

Gov­ern­ment is turn­ing a blind eye to our con­cerns. Vi­o­lence has be­come a way of life for some in South Africa.

Change is in­evitable, the sooner the bet­ter.



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