Grapevine strug­gles but in the end bears won­der­ful fruit


ONE hun­dred years ago a vine set its roots deep into the African soil at Mvezo in the Transkei.

Soon it grew into a big bush. The white gar­den­ers did not like this big, big bush.

They dug it up and sent it to a far-off place called Robben Is­land. Here it stayed stunted like a bon­sai for 18 years.

Then it was planted again at the Cape for seven years. Then, in 1994, it pro­duced its first grapes.

The wine pro­duced from its fruit was like no other.

The whole world wanted to taste it and loved it. Do you know what the la­bel on the bot­tle read?

It was called Madiba’s Magic. There will never be an­other like it. Do you know its se­cret? It was kind­ness, hu­mil­ity and jus­tice.

This is the life story of Tata Madiba. Look for books in your li­brary and learn about this great soul. Maybe one day you, too, can be great and help hu­man­ity in a jour­ney where there is jus­tice for all.

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