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Zee World Chan­nel 166

Zaara can’t help but con­fess the way that she feels to Rishi, but she doubts it will work out with Indu ac­cept­ing her. Sh­weta hears of this and is dis­traught. She re­sorts to do­ing some­thing that sends a shock through the house. Ma­lik may have thought he was out of danger, un­til Zaara picks up a clue at Sh­weta’s clinic. Now both Sh­weta and Ma­lik have some ex­plain­ing to do. Savita’s hus­band is out for re­venge, and comes with the po­lice to the house. Indu is de­ter­mined to prove that Zaara isn’t her real mother, so she de­vises a plan to get her fin­ger­print to match it against Indira’s. Ma­lik re­alises that the CD which proves his real iden­tity has gone miss­ing. Ma­lik re­alises his game may al­most be up and so he tries ev­ery means to pre­vent his di­vorce from Zaara.


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Zee World Chan­nel 166

Saraswati tries to warn Jag­mo­han about Prat­i­bha but Ran­jeet seems to be steps ahead of her. Yashod­hara’s true colours are ex­posed, Abha sees some­one she never thought she would see, and runs to her res­cue. Ran­jeet knows San­skar’s se­cret and keeps him on a leash with it. San­skar finds him­self in a sticky sit­u­a­tion that puts his life at risk, Abha goes to search for Prat­i­bha. Prat­i­bha’s con­di­tion is wors­en­ing and the weaker she is the stronger Yashod­hara is in pur­su­ing her plans of de­struc­tion. TWIST OF FATE 2

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Zee World Chan­nel 166

A gang of rob­bers come to the jew­ellery store where Abhi, Pragya and Tanu are in. Pragya man­ages to in­form Purab and the po­lice. Tanu and Pragya both get cap­tured by the rob­bers and now Abhi has to de­cide who to save first. Pragya re­alises that she is the main rea­son for Abhi’s trou­bles and she de­cides to leave his life. Purab and Pragya re­alise that Tanu has ill in­ten­tions to­wards Abhi. They travel to Lon­avla to save him but they keep en­coun­ter­ing prob­lems. It is the day of Abhi and Tanu’s pre- wed­ding cer­e­mony but in­stead of fo­cus­ing on the event, Abhi keeps think­ing about Pragya. She, on the other hand, has been kid­napped.


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Zee World Chan­nel 166

The “boss” sends the Thakur fam­ily a small gift that leaves them all very up­set. Grandma for­mu­lates a fool­proof plan to find out once and for all who the boss is. The throne of Begusarai is given to both Lakhan and Mithilesh. Ko­mal and her gran take over Man­jeeta’s house. Lakhan plans some­thing spe­cial for Poonam on their first wed­ding an­niver­sary, but Ko­mal in­ter­feres. Man­jeeta in­forms the Thakurs about Ko­mal and Ch­hoti’s where­abouts. Ko­mal and her grandma are chased away by Lakhan and Mithilesh and it doesn’t end well. There are strange oc­cur­rences at the river bank as the peo­ple are sud­denly be­ing pulled into the wa­ter. Ko­mal re­turns and this time she plans to burn down the Thakur man­sion. Bindiya gives birth to a beau­ti­ful baby boy.


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Zee World Chan­nel 166

Jai de­cides who he will spend the rest of his life with. His de­ci­sion, how­ever, is an un­ex­pected one. Bani man­ages to per­suade Jai that there is a hid­den se­cret in the Walia home. A shock­ing se­cret is re­vealed, one that leaves Ji­gyasa be­hind bars. Ran­veer man­i­fests his true in­ten­tions with Rashi, but his at­tempt to end her life re­sults in him be­ing paral­ysed. It is re­vealed that Pia’s con­di­tion has been just a pre­tence. Her in­ten­tions, how­ever, are shock­ing. Meera’s con­flict with Bani leads to her putting Bani’s life in danger. Jai is faced with the sad real­ity that he might not see Bani again. Six­teen years have gone by and the Walia fam­ily are giv­ing their daugh­ter, Ganga, away in mar­riage. The in-laws, how­ever, seem to have an ul­te­rior mo­tive be­hind the pro­posal.



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