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SUE TORR Torr of­fers the fol­low­ing sug­ges­tions on lit­tle ways to save:

• Mak­ing your own cof­fee in­stead of buy­ing a take-away cap­puc­cino (at R28 a cup) ev­ery work­day can save you R560 a month.

• Eat­ing one less take­away burger a week (at R43 a burger) can save you R172 a month.

• Boil­ing and bot­tling your own drink­ing wa­ter in­stead of spend­ing R10 a day on a 750ml bot­tle of wa­ter can save you R280 a month.

• Re­duc­ing your data con­sump­tion by R35 a week (that’s 100 MB a week) can save you R140 a month.

• Pack­ing your own work lunch in­stead of spend­ing R25 on a pie and Coke once a week can save you R100 a month.

• Mak­ing your own pureed baby food (at R17 for a 1kg bag of ap­ples) in­stead of spend­ing R14 for a bot­tle of Pu­rity can save you R300 a month.

• Buy­ing your own nail pol­ish at R40 a bot­tle in­stead of pay­ing R150 a month for a man­i­cure can save you R110 a month.

If you im­ple­ment all of the above sav­ings mea­sures, you will save R1 662 a month.

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