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pep­per your train­ing with func­tional, HIIT (high in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing) work­outs which al­low for shorter time with more im­pact­ful re­sults. Or try a ses­sion of Bodytec once a week on those days that are par­tic­u­larly chal­leng­ing time-wise. You can get a full body work­out in 20 min­utes and it com­pli­ments other train­ing won­der­fully.

Do you have an opin­ion on whether men and women should work­out dif­fer­ently, as­sum­ing they have the same goals (get­ting leaner and stronger)?

Find what works for you! Not your friends, col­leagues or even your fam­ily. Cer­tain work­outs may work bet­ter than oth­ers de­pend­ing on your own bio­chem­istry. If you are stressed and fa­tigued, some­times in­tense work­outs may not be the best choice for weight-loss and the weight may fall off by choos­ing some­thing more gen­tle like yoga. Va­ri­ety is key: choose ac­tiv­i­ties and work­outs that re­quire you to lift your own body weight and weighted ob­jects, oth­ers that en­cour­age mo­bil­ity and flex­i­bil­ity, some that you do for the pure en­joy­ment of it.

What are your top five favourite healthy snacks?

● Seed snack packs with co­conut, chia seeds, nuts, dates etc. ● Dark choco­late (85%). ● Fresh fruit such as pineap­ple and straw­ber­ries. ● Cel­ery sticks with bant­ing mayo. ● Roasted nuts or nut but­ter.

Can you give us a glimpse of your work­out rou­tine.

It usu­ally de­pends on the func­tional goal like the 94.7, where I’ll do Cadence train­ing or get onto a Wat­tbike. If I’m train­ing for a triathlon (road or trail race) I train at Planet Fit­ness Plat­inum be­cause I can work on mus­cle im­bal­ances, train in the func­tional sec­tion, swim or jump on a Wat­tbike.

But I like to make sure I work out at least three days a week for an hour. I try to in­cor­po­rate yoga two to three days a week for an hour as well, I do all forms in­clud­ing hot yoga at Zen Hot Yoga World in Bryanston and once a week I do a Bodytec EMS ses­sion.

What are your five favourite ex­er­cises?

● I love any yoga flow. ● I love swim­ming. ● I en­joy push-ups be­cause I couldn’t do them for such long time. ● Any­thing with ket­tle­bells. ● Squats!

What ad­vice can you give women who are keen on liv­ing a healthy and ac­tive life­style?

Get a buddy, some­one who will keep you ac­count­able and make work­outs fun. Make a vi­sion board with images of what you want to achieve and if it’s aes­thetic, cut off the head of the model. Get an ex­pert. Con­sult a nu­tri­tional ther­a­pist just so that you know that what you’re do­ing is right for you!

How has your jour­ney into the world of fit­ness changed your life?

You don’t have enough space for me to an­swer this. It’s given me a new per­spec­tive on be­ing skinny ver­sus healthy. It’s in­tro­duced me to new friends and a new ca­reer. It’s made me ap­pre­ci­ate my body and my health and my own phys­i­cal unique­ness.

Can you please give our readers a few handy tips for build­ing and main­tain­ing a fit sum­mer body?

● De­hy­dra­tion can ham­per your weight­loss ef­forts; 2 litres per day is a good av­er­age to aim for. ● Go green: try and have green veg­gies with your three main meals or in­cor­po­rate them into your snacks. ● Dry brush and get some healthy sun early in the morn­ing or af­ter­noon. You can grad­u­ally build up a tan, get some Vi­ta­min D and that will leave you look­ing at least a size smaller, yes that goes for you too guys! ● Lift heavy: ladies don’t be afraid to lift weights. You need mus­cle to burn fat!

Do you use any fit­ness or health apps to keep on track? If so, which apps do you use and how ben­e­fi­cial have they been for you?

I like Freelet­ics and FitBit for track­ing my work­outs, steps and train­ing es­pe­cially when trav­el­ling. The Nike run­ning NTC app is great as well.

What mu­sic gets you go­ing in the gym? And what is your favourite song to listen to in the gym?

House, You and Me by Wade Nathan. It’s a great sum­mer house song per­fect for all types of work­outs from Barre to run­ning to Cross­Fit!

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