At­tempt to re­fute crit­i­cism of Is­rael, astounding

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THE au­thor of the let­ter, “Enough with all th­ese hor­ri­ble lies about Is­rael” (Pre­to­ria News, Oc­to­ber 3), is ei­ther highly bi­ased or highly ig­no­rant as far as the his­tory of Pales­tine is con­cerned.

If Azad Essa, who is crit­i­cised by Gor­don, has erred in some re­spects, I am sure he would, un­like the Zion­ists who have never con­ceded any wrong­do­ing, cor­rect him­self. Of course “when ig­no­rance is bliss”, why should Gor­don in­dulge in the folly of be­ing wise?

“Those who take the trou­ble to ed­u­cate them­selves about the true pic­ture of Is­rael, recog­nise th­ese well-worn mantras for the lies they are”, Gor­don says. Holism is the key to the at­tempted so­lu­tion of all problems, not the se­lec­tive and ques­tion­able his­tor­i­cal data that Gor­don presents (his own “ca­nards”).

There are some well-known in­con­tro­vert­ible facts re­lated to the forced takeover of Pales­tinian land.

“Cre­at­ing a Jewish state in Pales­tine was a de­lib­er­ate, drawn-out and vi­o­lent process. Pales­tini­ans were dis­pos­sessed of vast swathes of land.

Over 80% of Pales­tini­ans in what be­came Is­rael in

1948 were made into refugees overnight. The process may have cul­mi­nated in 1948, but it had be­gun in the early 20th cen­tury and it still con­tin­ues to­day.

“To cre­ate the state of Is­rael, Zion­ist forces at­tacked ma­jor Pales­tinian cities and de­stroyed about 530 vil­lages. About 13 000 Pales­tini­ans were killed in 1948, with more than 750 000 ex­pelled from their homes, be­com­ing refugees.

This was the cli­max of the Zion­ist move­ment’s first eth­nic cleans­ing ad­ven­ture in Pales­tine. To­day, the refugees and their de­scen­dants num­ber at least seven mil­lion. Many still lan­guish in refugee camps in neighbouring Arab coun­tries, wait­ing to re­turn to their home­land.

The founders of the cam­paign, Stop the Jewish Na­tional Fund, the Jews for Jus­tice and the Not in My Name Move­ments would con­tra­dict most of the pro­pa­ganda that Gor­don wants again to, wit­tingly or un­wit­tingly, in­flict upon the South African pub­lic.

The cur­rent head­lines re­lated to the Ro­hingya refugees in Myan­mar, as sad as they are, are noth­ing com­pared to Zion­ist atroc­i­ties.

The “Is­raeli tech­nol­ogy” that Gor­don cites in his shal­low at­tempt to re­fute Azad’s com­ments is akin to the at­tempts to ame­lio­rate the tragedies of colo­nial­ism. Th­ese do not wash… the vic­tims know bet­ter. EC Has­sim

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