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RUS­SIAN bal­let is steeped in an­tiq­uity and tech­ni­cal purism. One can­not think of it with­out pic­tures of ex­cel­lence, qual­ity, beauty and splen­dour, mu­sic, his­tory and im­pe­ri­al­ism com­ing to mind.

Although bal­let did not be­gin in Rus­sia, it is the place where Agrip­pina Vaganova per­fected a method that has pro­duced the world’s great­est dancers.

The Vaganova tech­nique has only re­cently be­come avail­able to the West and has made its way to South Africa.

Madame Slou Akimguereeva was trained by Tamara Kosova, a stu­dent of the great Vaganova her­self.

Bal­let is an art passed down by men­tor­ing and per­sonal coach­ing. The Rus­sian Bal­let Academy of South Africa per­son­ally brings a di­rect lineage of train­ing to our chil­dren’s hearts, minds and bod­ies. What a joy and priv­i­lege!

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