Whole-grain or whole­wheat op­tions are health­i­est, but you can cer­tainly in­dulge once in awhile.

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A bri­oche bun is light and fluffy, thanks to its eggs and but­ter; a 110- gram bun has 14 grams of fat. An in­dul­gent choice? Yep. Should that stop you? Nah. Pairs per­fectly with del­i­cate pat­ties like salmon.


Hold up well un­der the messi­est burg­ers. Ci­a­batta will re­ally help you car­boload, with 54 grams of carbs per 100 grams.


Many gluten-free brands are made with a va­ri­ety of whole grains, like brown rice and sorghum.


A softer bun with great tex­ture, it’s also one of the more flavour­ful op­tions, thanks to its onion flecks. Goes well with a veg­gie burger.


Made from re­fined flours, th­ese lose a lot of nu­tri­tion dur­ing the re­fin­ing process. Add back nu­tri­ents with fresh veg­gie top­pings.


Th­ese trendy buns are just like salty Euro­pean soft pret­zels – great for a hit of elec­trolytes preor post- run. But be warned, they’re higher in kilo­joules: 1 045 for 85 grams.


The seeds con­tain cop­per, which works with iron to cre­ate red blood cells. A very sturdy bun.


The fer­mented dough is packed full of good bac­te­ria, which may make this bread eas­ier to di­gest.

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