Your First 10- K...........................

How to work your way up past 10km and far be­yond.

Runner's World South Africa - - Contents - BY JEFF GAL­LOWAY

When you need two nu­mer­als in­stead of one to log how far you’ve run in a sin­gle out­ing, you’ve hit a ma­jor mile­stone: many recre­ational run­ners never make it that far. The rea­son you should bother striv­ing for

more than 10 – be­yond the brag­ging rights – is that go­ing long, no mat­ter how slowly you’re mov­ing, is the best way to in­crease en­durance. More en­durance of­ten means faster race fin­ishes. And long, aer­o­bic ef­forts can help you lose weight and keep it off. Trou­ble is, if you go too far, too soon, too fast, you could end up in­jured. Here’s how to join the 10- Plus Club with­out get­ting hurt.

1. Build wisely.

Plan on do­ing a long run ev­ery other week­end, adding no more than 1km each time. In be­tween, main­tain fit­ness by run­ning or run-walk­ing for at least 30 min­utes ev­ery other day. On lon­grun days, choose a route that loops past your car or home so you can stop for wa­ter and snacks.

2. Move slowly.

Your long-run pace should be about 75 sec­onds per kilo­me­tre slower than your shorter-run pace. If you usu­ally run con­tin­u­ously, take walk breaks (30 sec­onds af­ter ev­ery minute of run­ning) on long runs. If you use a run-walk strat­egy the rest of the week, shorten the run pe­ri­ods and lengthen the walk pe­ri­ods to go long.

3. Add fuel.

On your long-run days, if you’ll be out for more than an hour or so, have a sweet snack of 120 to 160 kilo­joules ev­ery 3km. A few wine gums or jelly ba­bies work well. Make sure to wash snacks down with sips of wa­ter, and drink more when­ever you feel thirsty.

4. Re­cover right.

Have a snack (a good 1 000 kilo­joules) with carbs and pro­tein within 30 min­utes of com­plet­ing your run. To soothe tired mus­cles, con­sider soak­ing your legs in a bath filled with cool wa­ter. Log an ad­di­tional 2 000 to 4 000 steps of walk­ing af­ter you’ve fin­ished your run, to pre­vent sore­ness in the fol­low­ing days.

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