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Use yoga to strengthen and stretch ma­jor run­ning mus­cles in a mat­ter of min­utes.

Runner's World South Africa - - Contents - BY SAGE ROUNTREE

You al­ready know that strong abs, hips, and back mus­cles help you run more ef­fi­ciently with less risk of in­jury. But time can be tight – es­pe­cially if you’re ramp­ing up mileage – and when it feels like some­thing has to give, strength- train­ing is of­ten the first to go. In­stead of scrolling through Facebook or In­sta­gram post- run, wind down with this eight- pose, eight- to 10- minute core rou­tine, which tar­gets all the lay­ers of your ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles, back ex­ten­sors, and glutes. Slot­ted in along the way are some stretches to give you a break and im­prove range of mo­tion in your hips. The moves take only a short time, but they’ll help you log hours of in­juryfree run­ning.

1. Boat Pose

Keep­ing your spine long and legs to­gether, come into a V-sit. For the eas­ier ver­sion, bend your knees or keep your feet on the ground. Make it harder by straight­en­ing your legs and lift­ing your arms. Hold for five to 15 breaths.

2. Cross-Legged For­ward Fold

Cross your an­kles and fold your torso over your legs, stretch­ing your outer hips for 10 to 15 breaths.

3. Twist­ing Boat Pose

Re­turn to your V-sit, and keep­ing your spine long and legs to­gether, ex­hale to twist to one side. In­hale to cen­tre, then ex­hale to the other side. Con­tinue for five to 10 rounds.

4. Cross-Legged For­ward Fold

Cross your an­kles with the other shin in front, and fold your torso over your legs for an­other 10 to 15 breaths.

5. List­ing Boat Pose

Re­turn to your V-sit and rock onto your right glute. For more of a challenge, lower your legs and up­per body closer to the ground. Hold for five to 10 breaths, then re­peat on the left side.

6. Cob­bler Pose

Bring the soles of your feet to touch and lean for­ward, stretch­ing your in­ner thighs for 10 to 15 breaths.

7. Bridge Pose

From your back, knees bent, press your hips up and your hands down, en­gag­ing your glutes and ham­strings while stretch­ing your hip flex­ors. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths.

8. Lo­cust Y Jump­ing Jacks

Roll to your belly and lift your arms, chest, and legs off the floor. Move through slow ‘jump­ing jacks’: in­hale, spread your arms to a Y, and squeeze your legs to­gether; then ex­hale, bring your arms to­gether, and spread your legs to a Y. Re­peat five to 15 cy­cles.

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