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Make your own bite­sized fuel for the kilo­me­tres ahead.

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Even when you con­sume energy chews, gels, and sports drinks, your long run may leave you drag­ging in the twi­light kays. “On runs over 20 kilo­me­tres, carb-only fuel of­ten leaves run­ners hungry. Pro­tein and fat take longer to di­gest, so adding them to the mix de­liv­ers more sus­tained energy to pre­vent crash­ing,” says Anne Mauney, a di­eti­cian and marathoner. How­ever, she also points out that fat and pro­tein can cause GI dis­tress mid-run, so it’s best to test al­ter­nate fu­els on shorter runs first.

Energy bites are trendy sources of fuel that are made with nuts, dried fruit, and flavour en­hancers such as co­coa pow­der and shred­ded co­conut. “It’s hard to mess these up,” says Mauney.

Blend your in­gre­di­ents in a food pro­ces­sor, roll into balls, and store in the fridge for your next run. If you can’t stom­ach fat or pro­tein mid-run, snack on these for re­cov­ery.

1 All About That Base

Aim for 1 to 1.5 parts nuts (al­monds, cashews, peanuts, wal­nuts, or a mix­ture) to 1 part dried fruit (dates, raisins, apri­cots, and cran­ber­ries sup­ply a hit of quick-burn­ing carbs; tart cher­ries con­tain in­flam­ma­tion-re­duc­ing an­tho­cyanin com­pounds). This ra­tio en­sures you don’t go too heavy on fat or fi­bre, which can weigh you down.

2 Ev­ery­thing But the Kitchen Sink

Add mix-ins to taste. Try shred­ded co­conut, oats, dried goji berries or blue­ber­ries, and hemp, chia, or sesame seeds. Use pro­tein pow­ders or nut but­ters for your post-run energy bites.

3 Sugar ’n’ Spice

En­hance taste with honey, which sup­plies sugar for quick energy. Also try vanilla ex­tract, co­coa pow­der, cit­rus zest, or spices (cin­na­mon, nut­meg, turmeric). In­stant cof­fee or espresso pow­der pro­vides a tasty, caf­feinated boost.

4 Pump Up the Crunch

Fold in your favourite tex­ture boost­ers, like ca­cao nibs or puffed brown rice gluten-free ce­real (R49, well­ness­ware­house.com) – a fan favourite, be­cause it’s easy on the stom­ach.

5 Pass the Salt

You don’t have to go over­board: Just a few shakes will give your body the sodium it needs to re­plen­ish the elec­trolytes lost through sweat.

To avoid squish­ing, pack your bites into a zip­top bag and store in your fuel belt.

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