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We can meet in the square, and head out on that 5.5km route that takes us through the Wa­ter­front. We’ll love it.

We’ll need to make sure we get the tim­ing right on ac­tual lunch, though. If we eat too early, we’ll be starv­ing by 3pm; but if we eat too close to run time, we’ll be fight­ing di­ges­tion as well as heavy legs. So I guess we’ll have a mid-morn­ing snack, and then hold out for a proper meal un­til af­ter our work­out.

OK, so we’ll be out­side the build­ing, ready to run, at 12.30pm? That’s great, be­cause I have a dead­line to con­quer; and I can fo­cus on that, know­ing there’s free­dom to look for­ward to.

I’m not sure of the pace we’ll run to­day: but we can start easy, on the way out through town. It’s a lit­tle an­noy­ing hav­ing to stop at traf­fic lights, but we’re not like those peo­ple who jog on the spot, wait­ing for the lights to change.

Maybe we’ll throw in a few fartleks once we’re on to the paved stuff and there are no in­ter­sec­tions to worry about. I love that bit that runs past the restau­rants – we can give it some stick while the rest of the world or­ders their sand­wiches.

I pre­fer do­ing the route an­ti­clock­wise. It’s tougher at the start, but the re­ward is a faster, more scenic fin­ish; and if we’re not feel­ing it, we can always jog that last, slightly down­hill kilo­me­tre back to the of­fice.

It’s great to run with oth­ers some­times. Some of those ‘oth­ers’ are faster, so we can push our­selves a lit­tle harder. But to­day it’s just us and our thoughts… so very ex­is­ten­tial!

Even though there’s no-one else with us to­day, it’s not like we’re go­ing to be lazy here. Some­times it’s great to push hard in sec­tions, feel­ing fast, be­fore slow­ing to a jog and recovering for that next surge. It’s we can do what­ever we like.

In fact, I’m even go­ing to make this run ‘pri­vate’ on Strava. (Prob­a­bly a good thing, be­cause if any­one saw the file, they’d prob­a­bly won­der why there are all those pace drop-offs; not to men­tion the Ni­et­zsche ref­er­ence in the name.)

Re­mem­ber to warm up; and then to jog that last 300m to the of­fice. Let the legs cool and give some space for those en­dor­phins to flow in, while we hy­drate and shower.

By the time we’re done, we’ll be back at our desks with minds re­freshed and a body puls­ing from the ef­fort. Now turn to page 77, and read tip 105… Let’s go! run…

“It’s our run… we can do what­ever we like.”

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