Are both warm-ups and cooldowns nec­es­sary for easy runs?

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Warm­ing up is always a good idea – you’ll run more ef­fi­ciently, with less in­jury risk, if you prime your mus­cles and joints with pre-run move­ment. Start with five min­utes of mo­bil­ity drills: the lunge ma­trix, in which you lunge for­ward, to the side, and back­ward with each leg, plus front-to-back and side-to-side leg swings. Then ease into your run with 10 min­utes of slow jog­ging. Cool­ing down isn’t as crit­i­cal, as long as you fol­low your run with sim­ple strength ex­er­cises (such as planks, push-ups, and sin­gle-leg squats) that can build more re­silient mus­cles, mean­ing they’ll feel stronger dur­ing your work­outs – and less sore af­ter them. – Jay John­son, coach of univer­sity, pro­fes­sional, and adult run­ners

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