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Top American run­ner Bernard La­gat takes a rest day at the end of ev­ery hard train­ing week – an un­com­mon prac­tice among pros. On those days, the five-time Olympian en­gages only in ac­tiv­i­ties that re­lax and re­store his body and mind, such as mas­sage, light stretch­ing, and play­ing with his kids. He also takes a five-week break from ex­er­cise at the end of each sea­son, a prac­tice that has helped his ca­reer stretch on for al­most 20 years. Many of us be­lieve that if we’re not always work­ing hard, we’ll fail to thrive. But if we never take ‘easy’ pe­ri­ods, we’re never able to go full- throt­tle. AP­PLY IT

Stress plus rest equals growth, which we call ‘ the growth equa­tion’. Too much stress leads to in­jury or burnout; too much rest leads to a fail­ure to im­prove. So, fol­low hard days with easy ones, and plan reg­u­lar rest days (one to three per week). Af­ter a few hard weeks of train­ing, take an eas­ier, step-back week. And sched­ule a longer break (at least 10 days) from run­ning af­ter your marathon.

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