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Power up with these grilled cheese sarmie up­grades from nu­tri­tion­ist Matthew Kadey. For each recipe, grill the sand­wich un­til both sides are crispy and the cheese has softened. SMOKY BLACK BEAN Stay fuller for longer with the fi­bre and plant pro­tein from black beans.

TOP 1 slice whole­grain bread with mashed black beans, sliced roasted red pep­per, grated smoked ched­dar cheese, thinly sliced av­o­cado and a sec­ond bread slice. AP­PLE CHED­DAR An­tiox­i­dant-rich ap­ples and omega 3-packed wal­nuts add crunch.

TOP 1 slice whole­grain bread with thinly sliced ap­ple, grated ched­dar cheese, chopped sage, chopped wal­nuts and a sec­ond bread slice. BEET­ROOT SALMON Ni­trates from beet­root and omega fats in salmon may im­prove your mus­cle en­durance.

TOP 1 slice rye bread with smoked salmon, lemon juice, a smear of cream cheese, sliced roasted beet­root, dill and a sec­ond bread slice coated with cream cheese. CHICKEN FIG Roasted chicken is high in pro­tein, and figs give you boneb­uild­ing cal­cium.

SPREAD fig pre­serve on 1 slice whole-grain bread and top with chopped rose­mary, sliced roast chicken, baby spinach, gouda cheese and a sec­ond bread slice. CAPRESE The vi­ta­min C in toma­toes helps pro­tect run­ners from colds.

SPREAD basil pesto on 1 slice sour­dough bread and top with thinly sliced pro­sciutto ham, grated moz­zarella cheese, sliced tomato, rocket and a sec­ond bread slice. STEAK KIMCHEEZE En­er­gise your runs with the iron in steak, and keep your gut healthy with the pro­bi­otics in kim­chi.

TOP 1 slice whole­grain bread with grated havarti or mild ched­dar cheese, thinly sliced cooked sir­loin steak, chopped kim­chi and a sec­ond bread slice. 38- 40 RAISE-THEBAR SNACKS

Strug­gling to get enough pro­tein to fuel your re­cov­ery? Try these pro­tein-packed snacks: Slice whole­wheat toast + coat­ing of cot­tage cheese + driz­zle of honey = 11G PRO­TEIN

Hard-boiled egg, halved + dol­lop Greek yo­ghurt + sprin­kle of paprika = 7G PRO­TEIN

Hand­ful of bil­tong + big dol­lop gua­camole + squeeze of lime juice = 7G PRO­TEIN 41 - 46 CRANK YOUR ME­TAB­O­LISM

Re­search on mice pub­lished in the FASEB Jour­nal found adding rutin to the ro­dents’ di­ets mim­icked the ef­fects of cold on brown fat and boosted me­tab­o­lism. You can get rutin from mul­ber­ries, (un­peeled) ap­ples, buck­wheat, el­der­flower tea, figs or a sup­ple­ment. 47 BREATHE EASY Asthma suf­fer­ers have an­other rea­son to soak up some ex­tra sun­shine vi­ta­min. A Cochrane Re­view of seven in­ter­na­tional stud­ies showed that a vi­ta­min D sup­ple­ment re­duced the in­ci­dence of severe at­tacks in sub­jects with mild to mod­er­ate asthma. 48 HINGE BENEFITS

Turn up the heat on knee pain. In a study in the Jour­nal of Strength and Con­di­tion­ing Re­search, pa­tients with chronic knee pain who ap­plied low-level con­tin­u­ous heat packs to sore knees six hours be­fore ex­er­cise en­joyed re­duced knee pain and in­creased knee strength. 49 SO­CIAL CLIMB­ING

So­cial me­dia can help your run­ning, but only if you avoid com­par­ing your­self to oth­ers, says coach Lora John­son (crazyrun­ning­girl.com), who in­stead rec­om­mends analysing what friends post. “If some­one shares a favourite in­ter­val rou­tine, con­sider how it might boost your fit­ness,” says John­son.

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