‘ I run be­cause...’

...these days it isn’t con­sid­ered nor­mal to run

Runner's World South Africa - - Contents - BY DAVE ROBIN­SON

I run be­cause it keeps me HEALTHY, FO­CUSED AND FIT I run be­cause I de­velop an emo­tional at­tach­ment to ev­ery new place I run I run be­cause my thoughts are dif­fer­ent ev­ery time I run, and I fin­ish with a new per­spec­tive I run be­cause each route is unique and dif­fer­ent, no mat­ter how many times I have run it I run be­cause run­ning be­came my reg­u­lar com­mute to work, and a way to avoid traf­fic I run be­cause it grants me FREEDOM from all bound­aries, bar­ri­ers and con­straints I run be­cause it’s an ad­ven­ture, a quest, a jour­ney and an ex­plo­ration I run be­cause I ex­pe­ri­ence the en­vi­ron­ment: in all its vari­a­tion, in­ti­mately I run be­cause it gives me the time to ex­plore what my heart re­ally wants and be­lieves in I run to ES­CAPE the busy­ness, stress and in­ten­sity of daily life I run be­cause I know that at the end of each run there is home I run be­cause it con­stantly forces me to con­front the real me, with bru­tal hon­esty I run be­cause I love the SOLI­TUDE and in­ti­macy it al­lows me I run be­cause I know I can­not eat ev­ery­thing; a care­fully-bal­anced diet is best I run be­cause my dis­tant an­ces­tors were run­ners, and my fu­ture de­scen­dants prob­a­bly won’t run I run be­cause it means AC­CEPT­ING WHO IA Mat any given mo­ment I run be­cause my age and speed will never de­flect my interest from time and dis­tance I run be­cause Ima al­ways en­ter­tained and sur­prised by my thoughts I run be­cause my only op­po­nent is my­self, and I strug­gle to de­feat that person I run be­cause each run reaf­firms my love for my wife and fam­ily I run be­cause it al­lows me to lis­ten and com­mu­ni­cate with other run­ners, and it is never bor­ing I run be­cause I know my mind can take me where my body thinks I can­not go I run be­cause I know that for ev­ery chal­leng­ing climb up a steep hill, there is a wel­come down­hill I run be­cause I seem to draw my EN­ERGY from the uni­verse I run be­cause it gives me time to med­i­tate about all the great is­sues of life I run be­cause it makes me hum­ble in the face of many chal­lenges I run be­cause be­ing in­jured is frus­trat­ing, but the an­tic­i­pa­tion of run­ning again is over­whelm­ing I run be­cause no mat­ter how far or long my run is, I know there will be an end and a fin­ish I run be­cause it teaches me about my per­ceived lim­i­ta­tions, and then I chal­lenge them I run be­cause it’s great to achieve a PB, but even bet­ter to ex­pe­ri­ence the freedom of run­ning I run be­cause I know that bail­ing is not an op­tion; fin­ish­ing is ev­ery­thing I run be­cause I en­joy all types of weather, par­tic­u­larly when the con­di­tions are ex­treme I run be­cause I know I am not a front run­ner. Still, I run with the same pas­sion as those at the front I run be­cause I want to en­joy and con­trib­ute to a CLEANER EN­VI­RON­MENT I run be­cause I en­joy an ex­change of greet­ings and pleas­antries with other run­ners on the road I run be­cause I can ex­er­cise at any time of the day or night, and in any place I run be­cause I love run­ning – and not be­cause of what the lat­est tech­nol­ogy tells me about it I run be­cause when I HIT THE WALL, I know there is still life and run­ning be­yond this hell I run be­cause it makes me feel tough, rugged and phys­i­cal. I have a pos­i­tive self image and out­look I run be­cause ex­haus­tion ex­poses the demons in me, and I con­tinue to run to de­feat those demons I run be­cause I think I am nor­mal, but in some ways pound­ing the road has made me quite ec­cen­tric I run be­cause of the con­stant per­sonal en­joy­ment of ACHIEV­ING new mile­stones and goals I run be­cause it is tough to get up early, but wit­ness­ing the sun­rise is mag­nif­i­cent I run be­cause the prepa­ra­tion is of­ten more im­por­tant and en­joy­able than the ac­tual race

I run be­cause I FEAR old age, heart prob­lems and be­ing over­weight I run be­cause I know run­ning has changed me for the bet­ter, though I don’t al­ways know how or why I run be­cause my en­joy­ment and EN­DURANCE de­pends on tak­ing only ONE STEP AT A TIME I run be­cause I con­stantly search for the per­fect peace that the en­dor­phins give I run be­cause I en­joy the breath­less­ness of oxy­gen debt and the EX­HIL­A­RA­TION of re­cov­ery I run be­cause ev­ery run­ner on the road with me is a fel­low trav­eller, head­ing to­wards a per­sonal goal I run be­cause I love to buy new run­ning shoes, though some­times I fear the injuries they might cause I run be­cause when I rest, it’s the best feel­ing in the world I run be­cause I en­joy re­hy­drat­ing I run be­cause it em­pow­ers me to choose my at­ti­tude, thoughts and emo­tions I run be­cause it is less about win­ning, and more about reg­u­larly par­tic­i­pat­ing in all sorts of runs and races I run be­cause I know the ex­tra blood pumped through my brain in­creases my COG­NI­TIVE pow­ers I run be­cause ev­ery time I do it, I am filled with grat­i­tude that I can run

I run be­cause my run­ning pos­i­tively af­fects how I live my en­tire life

I run be­cause it makes me an AC­CU­RATE JUDGE of speed, dis­tance, di­rec­tion, slope and weather I run be­cause I am not an ath­lete; but run­ning makes me so I run be­cause it al­ways feels good af­ter­wards I run be­cause it gives me an in­di­ca­tion of my health; but I do fear the DAN­GERS of over­train­ing I run be­cause plan­ning my train­ing and racing pro­gramme gives my life struc­ture and rou­tine I run be­cause I can give my­self re­wards af­ter vol­un­tar­ily suf­fer­ing through a long, hard run I run be­cause all the routes and races I love, I will do again and again and again I run be­cause with each CHAL­LENGE com­pleted, I start plan­ning for the next one I run be­cause it tells me pain and suf­fer­ing are soon for­got­ten as one pre­pares to hurt again I run be­cause each race has its own unique and special T-shirt I run be­cause I do not run away from PROB­LEMS, but to­wards them, search­ing for so­lu­tions I run be­cause it makes me more sen­si­tive to my sur­round­ings, and pos­si­ble new routes I can run in the fu­ture I run be­cause at times it causes pain, but it’s the kind of pain that leaves no scars, just good mem­o­ries I run be­cause I still need to learn how to block out pain, bore­dom, neg­a­tiv­ity and monotony I run be­cause it teaches me to be SELF- SUF­FI­CIENT and re­source­ful, as I spend hours on the road I run be­cause it al­ways makes me feel I am do­ing the right thing and that I am vir­tu­ous I run be­cause I have seen so many run­ners give up over the years, and I refuse to be one of them I run be­cause each run is filled with bat­tles, vic­to­ries, de­feats, sad­ness and joy – and it ends in sat­is­fac­tion I run be­cause it makes me more PRO­DUC­TIVE AND CREATIVE at work I run be­cause tal­ent means noth­ing, but courage and com­mit­ment are ev­ery­thing I run be­cause the soli­tude on the road teaches me who I am not I run be­cause my heart- rate mon­i­tor tells me I am not just alive, I am liv­ing, en­er­getic and working I run be­cause run­ning is my church, ther­a­pist, fi­nan­cial plan­ner, doc­tor and lover I run be­cause I love the CA­MA­RADERIE and ex­cite­ment at mass races I run be­cause some­times, my head is a war zone, and my feet pound my anger into sub­mis­sion I run be­cause of­ten my mind and my body give up, but my SOUL keeps go­ing I run be­cause when I start, I am not sure what the end will be like I run be­cause the more I run, the more I want to run I run be­cause some­times I do not want to run I run be­cause it is of­ten quite point­less. Maybe, I will run even harder I run be­cause there is NO FAIL­URE in run­ning. Just con­tin­ual move­ment for­ward.

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