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“At school ath­let­ics, a girl pushed into me at the start­ing line of a 1 600m race. ‘Get out of my way,’ she said. ‘You’re wasting your time.’ I was so mad­dened by her un­kind words that I caught up to her and beat her on the last lap! My medal proves any­thing is pos­si­ble, if you put your mind to it.”

– Laura DiGioia Beaver

“My Com­rades back- to- back medal. You only get one chance.”

– Michael Rynier Len­hoff

“The one I got for my first 5- K. I only started run­ning when I was 60 years old.”

– Louise Bour­gon

“My great grand­dad’s Com­rades Vic Clapham medals.”

– An­thony Clapham

“Each one I earned af­ter I re­cov­ered from an an­kle frac­ture – slow, but worth it.”

– Ed­wina Stel­len­boom

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