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Do pri­ori­tise carbs.

Grab fruit or other sim­ple carbs im­me­di­ately af­ter fin­ish­ing to re­stock glyco­gen stores, sug­gests Ma­jum­dar. Then have a pro­tein­rich snack within two hours for mus­cle re­pair.

Do rehydrate.

Run­ning long can strain the kid­neys, but re­hy­drat ing af­ter­wards can re­duce in­jury risk. “Your urine should be lemon­ade- coloured the rest of the day,” says Ma­jum­dar. Milk can help. A 2014 study in Ap­plied Phys­i­ol­ogy, Nutri­tion, and Me­tab­o­lism found that both cow’s nilk and soya milk helped rehydrate ath­letes bet­ter than plain H2O.


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