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Re­hearse your rest.

Win­ter sug­gests prac­tis­ing sleep­ing in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions in the weeks be­fore race day. Try napping on a plane or in a parked car, doz­ing off while your part­ner still has a read­ing light on, or in­cor­po­rat­ing a sub­tle but ir­ri­tat­ing back­ground noise (a drip­ping tap, a snor­ing dog) as you go to sleep. The bet­ter you adapt to these chal­leng­ing con­di­tions in train­ing, the more chance you’ll have of over­com­ing nerves to rest well pre-race.

Don’t over­com­pen­sate.

Treat the night be­fore the race like any other, Win­ter says – that is, don’t turn in crazy early. “I of­ten hear, ‘I want to PB to­mor­row, so I’ll go to bed at 9.’ Well, are you sleepy at 9?” he says. You’re more likely to nod off eas­ily if you ad­here to your usual rou­tine in­stead of try­ing to force a few ex­tra hours.

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