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A jig simulates a crab quite per­fectly, how­ever by adding plas­tic lures, such as a Baby Brush Hog, or a crea­ture bait of your choice you can sim­u­late the pin­cers and legs of the crab more read­ily.

This is also a good chance to ad­just the plas­tic lure colour as you try to match the colour of the crab. Take out some Dip ‘n Glo and add a lit­tle or­ange to the fringe of your bait. Small ad­just­ments to your bait will make a huge dif­fer­ence to your strike ra­tio.

Im­prov­ing swim­ming ac­tion

De­pend­ing on your de­sired ac­tion you can ad­just the size and type of trailer lure in or­der to make the jig swim quicker, or slower, or to ‘kick’ as it swims. Most of your craw baits will of­fer some sort of ‘kick­ing’ ac­tion as the bait is re­trieved. The ‘kick­ing’ ac­tion not only makes for an in­cred­i­bly en­tic­ing of­fer­ing, but it can also be used as a means to slow the rate at which your bait de­scends and swims.

Ex­per­i­ment with your jig trail­ers and don’t be scared to ‘go big’. I have had par­tic­u­larly good suc­cess with big­ger pre­sen­ta­tions such as a jig and Brush Hog (not the Baby Brush Hog). The pro­file is prob­a­bly as large as your hand, but the swim­ming ac­tion and amount of wa­ter it dis­places can only at­tract the greed­i­est fish.

Rust de Win­ter Dam was a great ex­am­ple to ap­ply a swim jig. Re­triev­ing / swim­ming the jig be­tween the grass and strings of veg­e­ta­tion is a great way to cover a large

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