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lead bar­rel weights thanks to the higher den­sity of tung­sten. This makes them less prone to snag­ging or get­ting hung up, and since tung­sten is also much harder than lead, the Vike Tung­sten Bar­rel Weights also trans­mit bot­tom con­tours and com­po­si­tions much bet­ter than lead. They also make a louder sound when paired with a glass bead on a Carolina-rig for added fish at­trac­tion. Avail­able in a range of sizes for all types of fishing con­di­tions, the Vike Tung­sten Bar­rel Weights are also 100% en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly.

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All the ac­tion of a Shockwave in smaller 3.5” swim bait is sure to get the call in your tackle box. It has the re­al­is­tic tail kick with min­i­mal move­ment and a split belly for great hook ups. The Shockwave 3.5” has lots of uses like the 4.25 but you can add a drop-shot and on a small jig head to the list. It is per­fect when the pre­ferred for­age is re­ally small, when the wa­ter has cleared up, or there is lots of fishing pres­sure.

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