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Some­times dy­na­mite comes in small pack­ages, and that has never been more true than with the Missile Baits Ike’s Mini Flip­ping Jig. It has sev­eral de­sign fea­tures that set it apart from any flip­ping jig you’ve ever fished. For one, it is ex­tremely well bal­anced with the weight cen­tred around the hook shank. This com­bined with its com­pact­ness and per­fectly an­gled weed­guard al­low it to get in and out of the nas­ti­est cover with ease 99% of the time. Its com­pact­ness and bal­ance also al­low it to fall faster than your stan­dard jig, and keep it down bet­ter in cur­rent. This helps you keep bet­ter bot­tom con­tact and bet­ter con­tact with cover. The fine cut skirt also moves and pulses with

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