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The Clas­sic Thin Fin pro­file goes li­p­less with the Strom Rockin’ Shad li­p­less crankbait. Of­fer­ing a strong vi­brat­ing body, the Rockin’ Shad’s multi-ball rat­tle is raspy and loud when ripped or re­trieved. On the fall, the Rockin’ Shad sinks head down with a side to side “Rockin” ac­tion, trans­mit­ting an in­ter­mit­tent ca­dence rat­tle. Graced with ex­ter­nal scales and 3D holo­graphic eyes, the Rockin’ Shad’s ex­te­rior adds a sense of re­al­ism. Armed with two pre­mium black nickel tre­ble hooks.

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