Sub­tle Deep Wa­ter Hide­outs

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I would like to high­light deep wa­ter ar­eas that can add a whole new di­men­sion to your bass fishing. It re­quires a com­pletely dif­fer­ent mind­set for an­glers who are used to the en­er­getic ways of shal­low wa­ter fishing, but will ne­ces­si­tate the same, if not more con­cen­tra­tion over the hid­den ter­rain you will be tar­get­ing.

You may be won­der­ing what a ‘sub­tle deep wa­ter hide­out’ con­sists of so de­scribe these po­ten­tial ar­eas I would like to paint a pic­ture for you from a host of my ex­pe­ri­ences.

Firstly, what is ‘deep wa­ter’? I’m re­fer­ring to depths that we would not gen­er­ally fish be­cause the struc­tures are not so eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble, or to iden­tify. It’s quite easy to recog­nise a pro­trud­ing, flooded tree, rocky bank, or patch of lily pads for ex­am­ple and these are all still po­ten­tial ar­eas that bass an­glers should in­ves­ti­gate, but how about go­ing be­yond the eas­ily iden­ti­fi­able. This will cer­tainly be an as­set to you in the com­ing colder months when bass move off­shore to deeper wa­ter.

What are we look­ing for? Your fish finder will need to be­come your best friend and soon you’ll re­alise that your elec­tron­ics can de­liver some vi­tal clues as to where the bass are lo­cat­ing to. Some struc­tures are far eas­ier to iden­tify than oth­ers, but let’s point out a few things to look for.

Orig­i­nal river chan­nel

This is prob­a­bly the most ob­vi­ous of all the deep wa­ter ar­eas and should ex­ist in pretty much ev­ery dam you are fishing in. The old river chan­nel will snake its way through the dam from the one side and of­ten all the way to the dam wall. Es­tab­lish­ing the chan­nels course (by use of a con­tour map or your fish finder) you can tra­verse its length, whilst ear­mark­ing/way point­ing ar­eas that boast sub­tle dif­fer­ences.

These may in­clude some of the fol­low­ing:

- Chan­nel edges clos­est to shal­low wa­ter cover - Chan­nel ar­eas boast­ing trees or rocky ledges - Off shore humps and iso­lated struc­tures

The best way to un­der­stand what you should be look­ing for is to see an ex­am­ple on a con­tour map, or prefer­ably on the side imag­ing func­tion on your sonar/fish finder. Be­cause they are sub­tle can some­times mean dif­fi­cult to

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