When you stand among an­glers that’s on their way to fish a tour­na­ment and ask them if some­one can tell you about the scrounger bait... they will go quickly change the sub­ject. The first per­son to walk away will be the an­gler that will never re­veal any inf

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The first time I used the bait was in 2009 in a tour­na­ment and the re­sults were un­be­liev­able. Within ten casts and no time my bag’s weight was dou­bled. I be­lieved that I had found the lure that ev­ery an­gler was look­ing for; the so called ‘magic lure’. I know of a top lo­cal ranked an­gler that went to tackle shops and bought all the stock he could find soon af­ter the lure was in­tro­duced. Un­til today he will never talk about it.

I con­tin­ued to fish with the lure for sev­eral years and had great suc­cesses with it even on tour­na­ment trails.

Scrounger secrets

The se­cret in catch­ing fish will al­ways be; first to lo­cate the bass and then iden­tify their food source. Their food source plays an im­por­tant part es­pe­cially when you are try­ing to im­i­tate their food source by us­ing the cor­rect lures which are only as good as the pre­sen­ta­tion. We all know that the bass will al­most hit any lure. When they are feed­ing it is vi­tal to get them to hit the lures be­tween their feed­ing times. If there is a school of bait fish around it is fine, but one wounded baits fish on its own is a dif­fer­ent story.

If we have a closer look at the scrounger lures you will no­tice that it looks like a jig head with a soft plas­tic col­lar that looks like a crankbait’s bill stand­ing up straight. Only when adding some type of plas­tic lure will it have a body. The se­cret is that the scrounger will pro­vide a lot of ac­tion that the fish can’t re­sist.

The first scrounger I owned was 3/8 in size and worked well with Zoom Brush Hogs fished over rocky ar­eas. With time I got my hands on dif­fer­ent sizes and started match­ing small flukes with lighter jig heads and the more bulky min­nows with the medium size scroungers. When I fish rocky ar­eas I will match the colour of the lure to the bot­tom or rocks, nor­mally Green Pump­kin. When fishing veg­e­ta­tion the Water­melon/ gold/ candy/ blue, colours work well. On the smaller scroungers when there are fry around Bass/ Pearl White/ Al­bino colours work well. But ev­ery an­gler has his

own colour pref­er­ences.

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