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The Varkitt was spe­cially de­sign by Varkenelli Cus­tom Bait for fishing at Let­si­bogo in Botswana where they have re­al­ized that the bass were eat­ing bar­bel - the goal was to im­i­tate the bar­bel. Af­ter many hours of ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent lures and pro­files, Varkenelli come up with this one off a kind lure the Varkitt. The lure has a thick bulky head long body and two flip­pers on the side close to the head and has a dol­phin type tail that helps with the glid­ing of the bait. When rigged with the cor­rect Texas weight sizes the bait will glide when pitch into struc­ture. The large and medium sizes baits were de­signed for dames with big fish and the smaller sizes for the lo­cal venues. Avail­able in all stan­dard VCB colours.

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