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The sin­gle delta blades of the Re­venge Buzzbait turn eas­ily to give max­i­mum churn­ing and plenty of bub­bles thanks to the holes drilled on each side. The wire is the right di­am­e­ter and bent cor­rectly to help this bait get through grass and other ob­struc­tions. The down bend at the head will put the hook right where you want it; in the fish’s face ev­ery time. The long, stream­lined head will slip through heavy cover eas­ily and the re­al­is­tic de­tail, in­clud­ing the bright 3D eyes, will look good to any bass and get them to com­mit ev­ery time. Long, flow­ing sil­i­con skirts cover the round bend Mus­tad Ul­traPoint hook. The head ex­tends back on the shank of the hook, pro­vid­ing a bait keeper to keep any plas­tic or pork trailer in place, even in heavy cover.

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