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De­vel­oped by anti-poach­ing rangers and based in South Africa their prod­ucts are de­signed to cope with the ex­treme African cli­mates. Blis­ter­ing sum­mer highs of­ten ex­ceed­ing 45ºC and win­ter lows of -10ºC and even colder.

En­ter­ing these en­vi­ron­ments un­pre­pared can cost you dearly. The ter­rain is of­ten un­for­giv­ing on your body and gear alike. Ver­sat­ech Out­door have found that a good chal­lenge of­ten brings great re­ward and their Ver­sat­ech Core & Slim sys­tem strives to keep you more com­fort­able dur­ing your fishing or hunt­ing trips. This sys­tem al­lows self tem­per­a­ture reg­u­la­tion when used dry in cold con­di­tions, or wet in dry con­di­tions. All pieces pro­vide multi lay­ered pro­tec­tion in tar­geted ar­eas cul­mi­nat­ing in ef­fec­tive UVA / UVB pro­tec­tion and com­fort. Uti­liz­ing the veins in your arms and neck to cool down or con­serve heat as re­quired and de­sired. Two versa vents give un­re­stricted air­flow. Fog re­duc­tion on eye wear and bet­ter sun pro­tec­tion for nose, cheeks, and when but­toned into shirt pre­vents V-burn on chest.

Ca­pa­bil­i­ties in­clude:

The Ver­sat­ech Core & Slim sys­tem can be used as a rod sock to pro­tect one or mul­ti­ple sec­tions. The sys­tem have six straight open pock­ets, a printed ruler mea­sur­ing inches and cen­time­tres, a durable seam­less fit for com­fort and multi lay­ered ma­te­ri­als for ex­tra warmth, or pro­long­ing cool­ing when wet. White in­te­rior worn in­side out for good vis­i­bil­ity in low light con­di­tions and max­i­mum re­flec­tion in ex­treme heat.

Each dis­rup­tive cam­ou­flage pat­tern has at least seven colour shades to cre­ate com­plex­ity, depth and mul­ti­ple di­men­sions. The colour is per­ma­nently bonded to the ma­te­rial us­ing a sub­li­ma­tion process mean­ing that it won’t wash out, fade or crack. The scale ref­er­ence is de­signed to show clearly on pho­to­graphs.

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