Bet­ter Than Av­er­age

Win­ter bass fish­ing doesn’t have to be a deep and drag­ging af­fair…

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If you have shal­low cover, par­tic­u­larly grass or aquatic veg­e­ta­tion and clean wa­ter, you can have awe­some fish­ing catch­ing bet­ter than av­er­age size fish while your mates are out in the deep, drag­ging plas­tics around. I’m not say­ing that you’ll catch more num­bers than they will, but I am say­ing; of­ten, if you stick at it, you will get big­ger fish on av­er­age if the con­di­tions are favourable.

Shal­low grass and/or aquatic veg­e­ta­tion and clean wa­ter are ideal for catch­ing shal­low ‘slaunches’ in win­ter. The big thing is; it will prob­a­bly take all day so you need to hold your nerve and be pa­tient. You could most cer­tainly shoot off to a point, ledge or bluff and catch num­bers right away, but we aren’t tar­get­ing those keeper-sized fish. We are tar­get­ing fish of two ki­los and up.

Very of­ten in win­ter the fish­ing will im­prove. If it is sunny and warm, the fish will get more ac­tive as the day pro­gresses. This is where I think many an­glers make a mis­take. They rush shal­low in the morn­ing for the first hour or two and then aban­don ship into the deep wa­ter. Many times, I’ll fish shal­low till 10am or 11am with­out a bite and then will start to be re­warded as the fish get more ac­tive. That’s the na­ture of this ap­proach, not ev­ery­one can stick to a plan that can take 4 or 5 hours to start work­ing.

Ar­eas with shal­low veg­e­ta­tion in clean wa­ter will hold palm-sized even hand-sized bait­fish such as ti­lapia. Smaller bait­fish ap­pear to be ab­sent from the shal­lows this time of year. Com­mon sense tells me that they can­not han­dle the cold tem­per­a­tures as well. These larger ti­lapia feed on this shal­low veg­e­ta­tion and that’s the rea­son why they are there. The bass we are tar­get­ing are eat­ing that size bait­fish!

The au­thor with a bet­ter than av­er­age size fish

Crea­ture baits are key baits this time of year and how you fish them is vi­tal to

your suc­cess

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