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Did you ever ask your­self the ques­tion what fish­ing means to you? To me it’s all about to re­lax, get­ting away from the ev­ery­day mad­ness and re­flect on life.

Take a minute and think why you are fish­ing, what are your rea­sons for fish­ing. I am pretty sure that if you had a group of an­glers stand­ing in a cir­cle to­gether that you will hear dif­fer­ent rea­sons why they are fish­ing. Be­hind every rea­son you will hear that it has a beau­ti­ful mean­ing.

Af­ter many years of fish­ing I have looked at all pos­si­ble ways and the­o­ries and they all have their place and time. Al­though fish­ing will have a dif­fer­ent mean­ing to ev­ery­one, for me it has al­ways been to have fun.

When I was young boy I could not wait to go to the clos­est body of wa­ter, even if it was on my way to a dif­fer­ent sports event. I used a hand line and earth worms for catch­ing small bream. Those days, when we were al­ways late, were the days when the fish­ing was great and we lost track of time. Those are mem­o­ries I have kept with me all of my life.

Then one day my dad bought a small white and blue cabin cruiser for fish­ing. I did not know much about bass fish­ing from a boat and just went af­ter bream… but not for long.

Then came the day that I had to start work­ing and earn my own money. No more hand outs from my par­ents.

With time and af­ter set­tling down, fish­ing be­came once again part of my life. All about hav­ing fun and en­joy­ing spend­ing time out on the wa­ter. I en­joyed hook­ing my own boat, even if it was just for the morn­ing or af­ter­noon and hit the lo­cal dam.

Any­time spent on the wa­ter is time away from the great rat race. Time to clear your mind and get your­self ready to face re­al­ity. I al­ways look for­ward to get out and fish with old friends and ex­change mem­o­ries.

I be­lieve that every an­gler also has mem­o­ries they will trea­sure for­ever. If not, go out and make mem­o­ries. Bennie Wiese / Ed­i­tor

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