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Igot mar­ried early April 2016 and we de­cided on Mar­gate for our hon­ey­moon. I saw an op­por­tu­nity to add an ex­tra three days of bass fish­ing at Bells Bass Lodge in KZN about 14km away from Bal­lito in the Shakaskraal area.

Boy, I never thought that I would be blessed with two big events in two weeks, get­ting mar­ried and also hit­ting my PB of 5.75kg.

Fished of my pon­toon, I bor­rowed dad’s two piece Mata­dor rod, geared it up with my Abu MGX reel with eight pound Tat­shu with a G40 (black and pur­ple) lure from Se­cret Baits.

I saw some tim­ber stick­ing out so I tried that on the Tues­day af­ter­noon when we got to Bells Bass Lodge but did not pick up any­thing and de­cided to fish the reeds in­stead. Great fish­ing venue as I got stuck into the bass quick. The next morn­ing I went to the tim­ber again and again noth­ing so I de­cided I would come back in the af­ter­noon. I was so happy that I made that dis­cus­sion.

Just af­ter 4 o’clock in the af­ter­noon and I headed back to the tim­ber, took me four casts and then it started. The take was light, the fight was epic. I first thought I got stuck and as I lifted the rod to shoot the line I just felt this mas­sive pull and saw the line shoot­ing through the wa­ter and I knew this is it. The tug’s from the bass was in­sane, luck­ily my drag was set cor­rectly and the drag went as the bass pulled away. I could feather the spool with my thumb.

I im­me­di­ately started kick­ing away from the trees so that I don’t get snagged in the branches. To the left of me was reeds and to the right the tree stumps. The bass went left to the reeds and then back to the stumps, it is in­sane and un­be­liev­able how fast these fish can move.

Then it hap­pened. The beast made sight of her for the first time. She broke the sur­face and a thou­sand thoughts went through my head BUT luck­ily I saw my hook set was 100% through the top of the mouth and cen­tre (those red hooks helps a lot). For that split

“I never thought that I would be blessed with two big events in two weeks”

sec­ond I had peace of mind that the bass’s teeth won’t shave the line. I just needed to hold ten­sion.

My big­gest worry was to land this beast and from my pon­toon it would be a task and a half, so I de­cided I will kick back to the cot­tage so that Tanya can hold the net and land the beast. Slowly mak­ing my way back for quite a dis­tance, this mega fish made her pres­ence known every sec­ond.

I shouted from about fifty odd me­tres away to Tanya, “Liefie, Liefie... Liefie, bring die net, bring die net”. She of cause was a bit con­fused and thought there might be a snake or even a croc sit­u­a­tion go­ing on the way I shouted. (We did visit the croc farms and Venom World on our hol­i­day, so that idea was still fresh in her mind.)

I got to the shore and Tanya saw what was go­ing on. Now to land this mas­sive green ma­chine! There was still plenty of fight in her and I knew one wrong move and it’s bye-bye PB. Tanya got in the wa­ter with me as she also went to pro­mode in sec­onds and was giv­ing ad­vice as to how I needed to guide the beast to the net. It was not to be as my net was way too small (I think the net is used for trout fish­ing). Any­way, by this time I could not take it any­more and I just lifted the rod and grabbed the beast on the bot­tom jaw and held on as tight as I could. I lifted her out of the wa­ter, what pow­er­ful species they are, shak­ing my whole body as she tried to slip lose from my grip.

Wow… what a feel­ing to be so blessed to have this awe­some spec­i­men in my hands and even bet­ter see­ing her swim away safely af­ter all the ac­tiv­i­ties, alive and know­ing she lives to fight another day and to bring joy to another basser.

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