Mis­sion106-2 The Fight Back Be­gins

SA Bass - - Rod Bender -

Rod was vis­it­ing Al­bert who stays at the Falls and ran into a long shadow. Al­bert, not know­ing what Rod Ben­der is talk­ing about, trusted Rod’s back­ground and swam of with him and stayed in the shade of the shore line.

“Al­bert!” Rod calls. “Stay close I want to show you some­thing, it will help ex­plain what is go­ing on here. “I am on your six” Al­bert con­firms. “Where are we go­ing? It is be­com­ing late and although it is bet­ter to travel now, you are head­ing far away from my struc­ture”. Al­bert says swimming up to Rod.

“I can try to ex­plain, but it is bet­ter to show you” says Rod.

Af­ter cross­ing the pond to the shal­lower side Rod slows down and starts to look for a good van­tage point. He sees a stump on the shore and waves Al­bert closer. Al­bert still look­ing con­fused moves in un­der the stump with him.

“Now we wait” Rod says look­ing into the dis­tance, search­ing for some­thing. “What are you look­ing for?” Al­bert asks. “Move­ment” Rod replies. The bright light in the sky was slowly loos­ing its strength and it was then when the first move­ment started in the dis­tance.

“Here they come” Rod says point­ing over Al­bert shoul­der.

“Who?” Al­bert asks look­ing in the di­rec­tion Rod pointed.

“Aliens” Rod says with frus­tra­tion on his voice. “They al­ways gather at this time of day, re­mov­ing their alien craft from the pond and where they go I don’t know, but they will re­turn when the bright light in the sky re­turns” Rod starts ex­plain­ing.

The two of them watch one craft af­ter an­other be­ing re­moved.

“Watch care­fully, they are nor­mally in a team of two, some­times we see them alone, but it must be dif­fer­ent shifts I think. They go out and col­lect mostly younglings and take them to a test­ing sta­tion, mea­sure, weigh and do all sorts of ex­per­i­ments on them” Rod ex­plains.

“This ex­plains where the young­sters are dis­ap­pear­ing to!” Al­bert says with a frown.

“Just stay with me and you will see some of them re­turn”, Rod says show­ing him a strange pipe com­ing into the wa­ter.

Rod and Al­bert watched the pipe and af­ter a few min­utes a youngling came out, look­ing very dis­ori­en­tated and to­tally freaked out.

Rod swims up to him and grabs him, “Calm down,

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