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slight­est move­ment of the bait. The bait ta­pers down from a thick, meaty head that will stay se­curely on the hook, to a very nar­row sec­tion just above the tail for max­i­mum move­ment. The thick front of the Flirt is flat­tened so it will glide like a hand poured bait and has for­ward fac­ing ridges that will move more wa­ter to at­tract at­ten­tion. Use the Re­ac­tion In­no­va­tion Flirt for drop shot­ting, on a darter head or ball head, or with any fi­nesse tech­nique you like and you will have the con­fi­dence that you have the money win­ner tied on.

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Deadly when flipped Texas-style into heavy cover, the Cul­prit Crea­ture Craw makes a great jig trailer as well, and is also deadly when rigged with a light weight and fished in a “swim-and-sto­pre­trieve” through shal­low weeds and stumps. Its over­sized claws cre­ate abun­dant flap­ping ac­tion, and are ac­tu­ally at­tached mid-body, which helps con­cen­trate bites at the hook - elim­i­nat­ing the prob­lem of short strikes that are com­mon when claws are po­si­tioned to­wards the end of the bait.

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