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The Daiwa Sa­mu­rai Braid is un­like any other braided line on the mar­ket. Sure it’s strong and sen­si­tive, but it’s also no­tice­ably thin­ner, softer, smoother and more flex­i­ble than or­di­nary braids. The com­bined strength and sen­si­tiv­ity of this unique eight-strand weave braid, pro­vides su­per thin di­am­e­ter, smooth­ness, soft­ness and flex­i­bil­ity. The unique qual­i­ties of Sa­mu­rai Braid work to­gether to en­sure greater cast abil­ity, less line noise on the re­trieve, and a faster sink rate due to re­duced cur­rent re­sis­tance. In ad­di­tion to en­abling long, trou­ble-free casts and al­low­ing you to get your bait or lure in the strike-zone quickly, Sa­mu­rai Braid has vir­tu­ally zero stretch.

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