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The Float and Fly is of­ten as­so­ci­ated with win­ter an­gling when bass typ­i­cally sus­pend in the wa­ter col­umn dur­ing cold wa­ter pe­ri­ods. It cer­tainly is an ex­cel­lent fish­ing method for those con­di­tions, but the sys­tem suc­ceeds all year long.

The first time I used this ap­proach was dur­ing a dif­fi­cult bite on a hot 90 de­gree sum­mer day. Fish­ing a clear wa­ter canyon reser­voir, I could see large­mouth bass work­ing small min­nows sub­sur­face. They were forc­ing the bait against bluff walls be­fore at­tack­ing. Ini­tially, the bass were ig­nor­ing all of­fer­ings, un­til I pre­sented the float-and-fly.

Cast­ing up­wind of my tar­get the breeze pushed the bob­ber and the sus­pended fly to­wards my goal. It was exciting watch­ing the bob­ber drift into the kill zone and then sud­denly dis­ap­pear be­low the sur­face. On a chal­leng­ing day of fish­ing, I was re­warded with a 5lb bass, my first float-and-fly catch.

This is a re­li­able tech­nique and

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