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SA Bass - - Sa Bass / Product News - * It is im­por­tant to note that when us­ing Kroko FingerFix® or Kroko Sk­inFilm®, the af­fected area must be thor­oughly cleaned with warm wa­ter and a liq­uid an­ti­sep­tic, then dried well be­fore all Kroko ap­pli­ca­tions. The in­struc­tions for each pack should be re

Fish­er­men and women more of­ten than not suf­fer from prob­lems fin­gers and hands af­ter han­dling hooks and the hands be­ing im­mersed in wa­ter much of the time. Stand­ing in the sun for hours on end, even with a hat, can in­crease the pos­si­bil­ity of de­vel­op­ing cold sores. New shoes and boots can cause corns. Now Kroko has a so­lu­tion to help to all these prob­lems.

Kroko FingerFix® is a hy­gienic, waterproof, colour­less liq­uid plaster. It treats those painful lit­tle cracks that de­velop on fin­gers (and feet) and which are caused by con­tin­ued ex­po­sure to heat, cold, wa­ter or ex­ter­nal ir­ri­tants like de­ter­gents. Once ap­plied, it forms a mois­ture proof layer to pre­vent cracks from re-open­ing and pro­tects the wound as it heals. Its main ben­e­fit is that it acts as a plaster with­out the bulk­i­ness and dis­com­fort of con­ven­tional plas­ters which so of­ten be­come grubby or de­tach when wet. Kroko Sk­inFilm® is a liq­uid plaster for treat­ing mi­nor cuts, scratches and small grazes. It is un­suit­able for larger wounds or grazes as it causes a brief sting­ing sen­sa­tion when ap­plied. The spe­cially de­signed ap­pli­ca­tor cap al­lows just the right amount of liq­uid to be ap­plied to a wound and once dry, it forms a waterproof, pro­tec­tive plaster al­low­ing bod­ily heal­ing to take place. This for­mula was spe­cially de­signed for fin­gers and hands which are of­ten im­mersed in wa­ter. The waterproof, flex­i­ble and in­vis­i­ble dress­ing does not wash off eas­ily and can be re­placed with fur­ther lay­ers un­til heal­ing is com­plete.

If you suf­fer from cold sores, Kroko ColdSoreFix® is an ef­fec­tive and sim­ple rem­edy which helps to clear them up. The name “cold sore” or “fever blis­ter” is a mis­nomer as cold sores are usu­ally caused by over ex­po­sure to the sun and the her­pes virus, which is one of the most com­mon vi­ral in­fec­tions and known as her­pes sim­plex.

Kroko NailFix® helps to heal dam­aged or in­fected nails which have been in­jured by trauma or in­fec­tion. Nail prob­lems are al­ways dif­fi­cult to treat and prior to treat­ment, the nails should be trimmed and scrubbed well with warm soapy wa­ter. Once the nails are dry, a thin coat of Kroko NailFix® should be ap­plied to the dam­aged nail in the morn­ing and evening un­til the dam­aged part of the nail has grown out. The nail will be cov­ered with an in­vis­i­ble, pro­tec­tive layer.

Brand new Kroko CornFix® is a liq­uid ap­pli­ca­tion to treat corns caused by too tight shoes. There are two types of corns which gen­er­ally oc­cur ei­ther on the top or on the side of the toes. A hard corn is a small patch of thick­ened, dead skin. A soft corn has a much thin­ner sur­face, ap­pears whitish and rub­bery and usu­ally oc­curs be­tween the toes.

Kroko WartFix® treats the com­mon wart and is a pain­less treat­ment suit­able for the whole fam­ily. It is child friendly from the age of four years up­wards. Kroko

WartFix® is a fast-dry­ing liq­uid which forms a flex­i­ble cover over the wart. The bot­tle’s spe­cial ap­pli­ca­tor ap­plies the ex­act amount of liq­uid needed, re­sult­ing in min­i­mum mess and wastage.

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