South Africa’s first in­ter­view with renown lure de­signer Mashiro Adachi

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“Lure De­signer - Mashiro Adachi” South Africa’s first in­ter­view with renown lure de­signer Mashiro Adachi. – David Swend­seid

In the world of JDM there have been some his­toric achieve­ments. Ja­panese Domestic Mar­ket made the great­est im­pres­sion in the US pro­fes­sional bass cir­cuits. Most of the time the in­tro­duc­tion of these lures would sneak their way in via the west­ern USA and slowly creep east. Dur­ing this time many Ja­panese lure de­sign­ers be­gan to sur­face. One name in par­tic­u­lar, af­ter 25 years, con­tin­ues to echo Ja­pan’s lure unique lure de­signs. Al­though, still young, he is con­sid­ered one of the old­est most es­tab­lished bril­liant lure de­sign­ers, Mr. Adachi.

This JDM de­vel­op­ment re­ally be­came a name in tour­na­ment an­gler in the mid 90’s.

“There were a few of us that had ac­cess to Ja­pan lures in the late 80’s and more in the early 90’s. It was kind of an ex­change. For ex­am­ple, in the early 90’s I had friends sell­ing garage made swim­baits to Ja­pan and I had friends im­port­ing JDM lures to the Cal­i­for­nia. What was nice is that we had a few lures other tour­na­ment an­gler didn’t have [laugh­ing] and couldn’t fig­ure out how to ob­tain them. I sold Lucky Craft jerk­baits for US$40. The qual­ity was ex­cel­lent and the func­tion was sim­i­lar and in some cases bet­ter than US domestic baits.” said, DUO’s USA R&D spe­cial­ist, David Swend­seid.

At the same time, there was an emerg­ing JDM de­signer, named Mashiro Adachi. Mr. Adachi (as he prefers to be called) graced the steps of sev­eral Ja­panese lure com­pa­nies with his pas­sion.

SA BASS mag­a­zine had a rare op­por­tu­nity to in­ter­view Mr. Adachi, now the CEO of DUO In­ter­na­tional. DUO is con­sid­ered a premier Ja­panese com­pany and Mr. Adachi is well re­spected in Ja­pan. His cre­ations have reached sev­enty coun­tries. DUO maybe best known for cre­at­ing the world wide fi­nesse tech­nique called spy­bait­ing. Its phe­nom­e­nal growth and ac­cep­tance in pro­fes­sional bass angling has sky rock­eted. It is noted as the fastest grow­ing fi­nesse tour­na­ment tech­nique.

En­joy this ex­pose’ with DUO’s chief de­signer. SA BASS: Mr. Adachi we thank you for this op­por­tu­nity! Mr. Adachi: Thank you for invit­ing me. It is my hon­our. SA BASS: Is it true that your as­pi­ra­tion to de­sign lures be­gan at a young age? Mr. Adachi: Yes, I be­lieve it was at age 12. I be­gan de­sign­ing be­cause I was im­pressed with fish pro­files and es­pe­cially their eyes. My at­tempt to cre­ate be­liev­able lures with mean­ing eyes was a goal of mine. SA BASS: When you speak of in­spi­ra­tion how this does drive you? Mr. Adachi: I have al­ways seen the lure as the main tool for the an­gler to ac­com­plish the some­times dif­fi­cult task to draw the preda­tor to com­mit.

Ev­ery lure I at­tempt be­gins with a carv­ing? SA BASS: Do you carve from wood?

Mr. Adachi: I re­spect wood­carv­ing but I choose to ac­tu­ally carve from a ther­mal poly­mer. It is called acry­loni­trile bu­ta­di­ene styrene. This is how I cre­ated some of our most ef­fi­cient lures. SA BASS: How long does it take for a lure de­signer to be­come good? Mr. Adachi: Hmmm, ac­tu­ally it takes (I think) a very good lure de­signer maybe another ten years to per­fect his dis­ci­pline. Maybe for me it was a lit­tle longer. I en­tered the IT in­dus­try for a short time and it did not make me happy. My pas­sion was lure de­sign.

SA BASS: Your rapid ac­cep­tance in the bass fish­ing tour­na­ment world is im­pres­sive. It def­i­nitely speaks of your in­no­va­tion, but in your opin­ion; what is DUO best known for?

Mr. Adachi: DUO is not just a com­pany. It is a be­lieve sys­tem. We are truly a full JDM com­pany. Our bass lure line is called Realis. We be­gin our lure idea in-house, and then we de­sign in-house. We fol­low all man­u­fac­tur­ing and pro­duc­tion in house. Our in­vest­ment in re­search and de­sign is sig­nif­i­cant. So we have ad­van­tages over other com­pa­nies. Many Ja­panese com­pa­nies out­source their work to other coun­tries. This low­ers cost is­sue and de­tails like qual­ity. With DUO

we have com­plete qual­ity con­trol from be­gin­ning to ship­ping. Our fo­cus is to con­tinue cre­ate high qual­ity, high func­tion­ing lures that pos­sess re­al­is­tic char­ac­ter­is­tic in ac­tions and ap­pear­ance. It is an ex­pen­sive process.

SA BASS: Is this com­mit­ment ded­i­cated to all your lures?

Mr. Adachi: This de­pends on the lure. For new projects, there are times where it takes longer than three years and if it’s sim­ply a change in size, then it may be com­pleted within a year. Ei­ther way, we do not al­low any of our prod­ucts to hit the pro­duc­tion line un­til we are con­fi­dent of its abil­ity and it can achieve its pur­pose. This al­ways takes time and also pre­vents us from join­ing in on the race to pro­duce lures which are “pop­u­lar” in a cer­tain give time. I am man­ag­ing this com­pany with a long term vi­sion so time and costs are fac­tors I have to live with. I must say though, my style has given a big headache to the sales team.

SA BASS: We have seen a fol­low­ing of your lures in Bass­mas­ters and even more re­cently in FLW Se­ries and Tour events. Con­grat­u­la­tions for your suc­cesses. We saw that in 2016, three sep­a­rate FLW pro wins. Spy­bait­ing was wit­nessed and men­tioned. Now the spin­bait lure(s) has changed sus­pended fish­ing. Mr. Adachi: The only prob­lem is that an­glers tend to keep such pro­duc­tive fish­ing tech­niques se­cret. I per­son­ally un­der­stand this se­crecy in an­glers, but please share this tech­nique so many other an­glers can also join in on the fun. It was in­vented to make an­glers bet­ter. Now the spin­bait is used in other coun­tries on other species also.

SA BASS: We have had the op­por­tu­nity to read up on a lure which seems to have gain re­cent suc­cess as well. It is said the G87 is ar­guably one of the long­est cast­ing deep div­ing crankbaits in ex­is­tence. Deep cranks have been around for ages so to re­cently ex­tend the bar­ri­ers is im­pres­sive.

Mr. Adachi: There are many lure man­u­fac­tur­ers around the world and count­less de­sign­ers who work in those com­pa­nies. I know there are many de­sign­ers out there who sim­ply chase what is “in” or “pop­u­lar” and have a ten­dency to cre­ate thin and mean­ing­less prod­ucts in a very short span. They might not have had a choice busi­ness wise, but per­son­ally, I don’t think this is ac­cept­able. Many deep crank­ing lures on the mar­ket don’t ac­tu­ally get down to the spec­i­fied depth or re­quire an­glers to use thin line. Is this ac­cept­able? A 10lb bass may at­tack your lure 6m down, but an­glers are lim­ited to use 8lb line? We are not com­pet­ing against oth­ers to get a lure down deep? We want get the an­glers to catch fish! To be hon­est, the G87-20 is at 80% of my ideals. In re­al­ity, I can de­sign the lure to dive deeper with a lighter re­sis­tance. For a G80 model, it is pos­si­ble to get it to dive down to 25ft and a G90 body will be able to get down to 30ft of water.

SA BASS: Mr. Adachi, we could talk “shop” with you for days. We thor­oughly ap­pre­ci­ate this in­ter­view. As you may know FLW is now up and run­ning in South Africa and see how many FLW pros have won or done well on your prod­ucts will in­ter­est our bass an­glers as well. Is there any­thing you would like to add?

Mr. Adachi: Our fo­cus on lure de­vel­op­ment is struc­tured around re­search. In the USA for ex­am­ple, pro­fes­sional bass angling is huge and am­a­teur tour­na­ments even big­ger. We are cur­rently work­ing on prod­ucts specif­i­cally de­signed to han­dle the vari­ables of pro­fes­sional bass fish­ing. Some of these de­tails will be re­vealed at the ICAST 2017!

SA BASS: Mr. Adachi we want to thank you for your time and look for­ward on see­ing your prod­ucts in the tour­na­ment field.

Mr. Adachi: Thank you for your in­ter­est. It was an hon­our to present DUO to your mag­a­zine.

*David Swend­seid is a pro­fes­sional bass an­gler in the USA and is cur­rently the Re­search and De­vel­op­ment spe­cial­ist for DUO. He spends a great time teach­ing other pro­fes­sional an­glers on how to ex­e­cute tech­niques or learn new ones and also as­sist the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity on bass angling pre­sen­ta­tions. He pur­sued tro­phy bass records and held two lake records and an of­fi­cial state record. The study of fish be­hav­iour and lure ac­tion is his forte. He cur­rently con­trib­utes to about 16 in­ter­na­tional bass angling magazines, in­clud­ing SA BASS.

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