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1. AS­SAS­SIN TEM­PEST >> Avail­able from Knott’s Out­door Par­adise

As­sas­sin rod is a well es­tab­lished brand and has en­tered the bass fish­ing arena. The Tem­pest rods were de­signed for large- and small­mouth bass fish­er­men. These rods are also per­fect for fi­nesse fish­ing other key fish­eries (as es­tu­ar­ies). The in­cred­i­ble de­sign and sen­si­tiv­ity built into these rods makes them the per­fect tool for pre­ci­sion fish­ing. These rod are made out of highly sen­si­tive HMC-grade blanks with re­in­forced car­bon cross tech­nol­ogy uniquely shaped rear EVA butt for greater com­fort and grip when fight­ing large fish. Fit­ted with new Fuji Sealed O-Se­ries guides for in­creased cast­ing ac­cu­racy and per­fectly set up for braid. Each rod comes with a carry bag. Avail­able in a mul­ti­ple ac­tion spin­ning and bait­caster, one and two piece models.

2. RIVER2SEA WHOPPER PLOPPER >> Avail­able from Bass Ware­house

Less in­va­sive, yet just as ef­fec­tive as the orig­i­nal, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper de­liv­ers the same sig­na­ture top water dis­rup­tion as its noisy brother, mi­nus the in­ter­nal acous­tics. Per­fect for tar­get­ing pres­sured and eas­ily spooked fish, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper fea­tures a stick­bait style front-half and a ro­tat­ing back­side, which de­liv­ers a heavy sput­ter as it moves across the sur­face. Whether you crawl it su­per-slow along weed lines, burn it over miles of wind-blown bank, or em­ploy slight twitches to gen­er­ate an at­ten­tion-grab­bing splash, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper Silent flat-out gets bit. Built to cast like a bul­let, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper Silent is in­cred­i­bly ef­fec­tive at all speeds, mak­ing it a great tool for hon­ing-in on the most pro­duc­tive speed and rhythm for that par­tic­u­lar day.

3. STORM 360 GT SWIMBAIT >> Avail­able from Knott’s Out­door Par­adise

The Storm 360 GT Swimbait of­fers a highly de­tailed, uni­ver­sally ap­peal­ing bait­fish im­i­ta­tion that sets the bar for all other search baits. De­signed to be the ul­ti­mate “Go-To” bait, the Storm 360 GT Swimbait fea­tures a cus­tombuilt head and body shape, which re­sult in a seam­less fu­sion of metal and plas­tic. In­cred­i­bly easy to rig, the body is moulded with en­trance and exit holes along the body for a flush fit ev­ery time. Built with an ex­treme at­ten­tion to de­tail, the Storm 360 GT Swimbait’s ex­tended 60-de­gree line-tie en­sures the per­fect an­gle of re­trieve and an en­hanced ac­tion cast-af­ter­cast. A true multi-species work­horse, the Storm 360GT Swimbait’s life­like rat­tling jig head pro­duces an al­lur­ing acous­tic that tempts both fresh­wa­ter and salt­wa­ter preda­tors. Com­plete with a pre­mium fin­ish and ex­clu­sive 3D holo­graphic eyes, the Storm 360 GT Swimbait is ca­pa­ble of fool­ing the most dis­cern­ing preda­tor, from bass-to-pike-to­drum. Backed by cus­tom VMC Coastal black forged hook, the Storm 360 GT Swim­baits de­liver un­equalled ef­fec­tive­ness that all an­glers can ap­pre­ci­ate, from the oc­ca­sional bank walker to the sea­soned pro­fes­sional.

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