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Show your true colours with the new 13 TrickShop Con­cept Reel Parts Kits. Pre­ci­sion en­gi­neered to fit all Con­cept Reel mod­els (A, A3, C, E and In­cep­tion), they of­fer a whole new level of cus­tomiza­tion. Avail­able in a wide range of colours, trick out your 13 Fish­ing reel to­day with the new 13 TrickShop Con­cept Reel Parts Kits.


>> Avail­able from World of Fish­ing.

In­vader is made from ma­te­ri­als with in­di­vid­u­ally se­lected soft­ness to achieve op­ti­mal ac­tion of the lure in its dif­fer­ent sizes. Its ac­tion is rather short, fast and firm move­ments of the tail which move on the back part of the body as swing­ing move­ments. It mim­ics small, rather slim fish which tries to hide it­self from the preda­tor at­tack. The ef­fect is very nat­u­ral dur­ing dif­fer­ent re­trieves and tech­niques. From the be­gin­ning In­vader showed shock­ing ef­fec­tive­ness. Avail­able in all fish catch­ing colours.


>> Avail­able from World of Fish­ing

The DT-se­ries crankbaits have ac­counted for nu­mer­ous tour­na­ment wins and record catches in the DT’s first year, at­test­ing to its de­sign and fish-catch­ing func­tion. The Ra­pala DT-se­ries lures are made from the top seven per­cent of se­lect balsa wood. Per­fectly con­sis­tent wood com­bined with care­fully placed in­ter­nal weights, a ta­pered fuse­lage and a thin tail cre­ates an in­cred­i­ble crankbait ac­tion found only in the DT-se­ries. Con­nec­tion of char­ac­ter­is­tic worm and shad el­e­ments re­sult in the cre­ation of new lure with ac­tion which dif­fers from our pre­vi­ous of­fer. Wide range of use when it comes to fish species, fish­ing meth­ods or the way of load­ing should let this lure to be­come quickly one of our sales lead­ers.


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Sav­age Gear is known for mak­ing some of the most re­al­is­tic lures on the market, and the Sav­age Gear Hol­low Frog with Im­i­ta­tion Legs doesn’t dis­ap­point. Built from a 3D scan of an ac­tual frog, the Sav­age Gear Hol­low Frog with Im­i­ta­tion Legs has a dev­as­tat­ing walk-the-dog ac­tion that’s per­fect for tar­get­ing bass in and around heavy cover. The Im­i­ta­tion Legs on the Sav­age Gear Hol­low Frog are de­tailed all the way down the mus­cle tone and joint­ing to give them an as­ton­ish­ingly real ap­pear­ance. On the pause, the Sav­age Gear Hol­low Frog with Im­i­ta­tion Legs looks ex­actly like a frog that is poised to kick off and scurry away. Com­plete with an ul­tra-sharp sin­gle hook, the Sav­age Gear Hol­low Frog with Im­i­ta­tion Legs has more than enough re­al­ism to trick bass into bit­ing.


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Dip Master Fight Evo braided line is a new

gen­er­a­tion line, made from High Den­sity Poly­eth­yl­ene (HDPE) nano fi­bres with uni­di­rec­tional molec­u­lar struc­ture. Thanks to the ad­di­tion of a revo­lu­tion­ary lu­bri­cat­ing fi­bre, this braided line fea­tures an out­stand­ing smooth­ness and abra­sion re­sis­tance. Ex­tremely strong with ex­cep­tional knot strength and zero elas­tic­ity, the Dip Master Fight Evo braided line of­fers fan­tas­tic pre­ci­sion and sen­si­tiv­ity for an amaz­ing fish­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.


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Zoom Bait Com­pany an­nounces the re­lease of the new Z-Craw Ju­nior; a down­sized ver­sion of the pop­u­lar ribbed craw­fish lure in­tro­duced last year to over­whelm­ing ac­cep­tance. We’ve shrunk the orig­i­nal model down from five inches to three and a half inches for times when bass de­mand a smaller bite to eat, yet we’ve re­tained the same for­ward fac­ing ribs and flut­ter­ing craws of the full sized Z-Craw. In its sin­gle year of ex­is­tence, the Z-Craw found a pur­pose not only in punch­ing the thick­est cover around, but also on the back of swim jigs and vi­brat­ing jigs, as well as struc­ture-hug­ging wob­ble heads. This new smaller ver­sion will han­dle all of those same ap­pli­ca­tions, and will quickly turn into your favourite lure for tempt­ing finicky bed­ding bass as well. It’s smaller than its pre­de­ces­sor, and while it has fi­nesse ap­pli­ca­tions, you’ll be sur­prised at how many big bass it fools.


>> Dis­trib­uted by Sen­sa­tional An­gling Sup­plies

Zoom Bait Com­pany an­nounces the rein­tro­duc­tion of the Orig­i­nal Zoom Worm, a fi­nesse worm that dates back 40 years. Ex­cept now, it will come in hand-poured triple lam­i­nate pat­terns in­stead of the con­ven­tional in­jec­tion colours that orig­i­nally com­prised its line-up. This re­lease comes a year af­ter Zoom brought out the “Z-3” triple lam­i­nates in the Swamp Crawler prod­uct, an­other fi­nesse-ori­ented worm. An­glers across the coun­try have clam­oured for ad­di­tional prod­ucts to be re­leased in this line-up, and the subtle 6-inch Orig­i­nal – with its flat tail, slight egg sack and lightly-ribbed body – seemed a likely choice to ful­fil the needs of drop shot­ters. Like its pre­de­ces­sor, it com­bines the best at­tributes of hand-poured worms with af­ford­abil­ity and Zoom’s leg­endary qual­ity con­trol. The new ver­sion will be just as tan­ta­liz­ing as the orig­i­nal, but the build process will be more like that of tra­di­tional “garage pours,” a labour­in­ten­sive, multi-step ef­fort that pro­duces a softer body and a wider range of colour op­tions. Up un­til now, this has been dif­fi­cult to repli­cate in a mass pro­duc­tion set­ting. Nev­er­the­less, its shape will re­main true to the orig­i­nal upon which the Zoom brand was built.

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