En­coun­ter­ing Fog

SA Bass - - Profiles - Hannes Lin­d­eque* *Hannes Lin­d­eque is the founder and pub­lisher of SA BASS mag­a­zine since 2001, the tour­na­ment di­rec­tor of the SA BASS Cast-for-Cash bass an­gling tour­na­ment trial and FLW South Africa.

We are in win­ter and that means our Cast-for-Cash an­glers will most likely en­counter fog some time dur­ing the tour­na­ment sea­son, whether it is at the start, or a few kilo­me­tres away.

It blameis ev­ery­body'scan­not be re­spon­si­bil­i­tyshifted to tour­na­mentto take care or­gan­is­ers,in such con­di­tion­sother boaters and or any­body else. Ev­ery­body has to take care!

As for or­gan­is­ers it goes with­out say­ing that a tour­na­ment can­not start if there is no safe light and vis­i­bil­ity of at least 500 me­ters. If an or­gan­iser does make the de­ci­sion that the tour­na­ment can start and you (as a qual­i­fied skip­per) feels un­com­fort­able, then it still re­mains the skip­per's pre­rog­a­tive to par­tic­i­pate in the start or not. Don't leave the ramp area, or don't launch at all... there is a rea­son it's called "safe light". No­body can be forced to take off and “race” in un­safe con­di­tions.

Then what is ex­pected of the skip­per? Safety first; that is your own safety and your boat part­ner's. Then also, in a civilised com­mu­nity it is ex­pected that we will look af­ter our fel­low an­gler's safety as well. There­fore; in any low light con­di­tions you have to know your po­si­tion and turn on your boat's nav­i­ga­tion lights. If you can't see… stay where you are! Move to the right, beach, shut down the main en­gine and lis­ten for on­com­ing boats. If you do de­cide to drive, then; slow down and move aside, not only to not hit other boats, but also to watch for any other ob­jects in, or on the water like ca­noes, fence posts, drift­ing logs, etc. Re­mem­ber to main­tain a safe speed so that you can take proper and ef­fec­tive ac­tion to avoid col­li­sion and be stopped within a dis­tance ap­pro­pri­ate to the pre­vail­ing cir­cum­stances and con­di­tions. (Safe speed is at which you are will­ing to hit some­thing.) Re­mem­ber that it is not safe to over­take, even if you are con­vinced that you are a “bet­ter” skip­per with more ex­pe­ri­ence. All boaters who didn't move aside and want to con­tinue driv­ing, will have to fall in a sin­gle line with a safe dis­tance be­tween them (de­pend­ing on the vis­i­bil­ity). Be­cause the main mo­tor is run­ning you are sup­pose to have your PFD (life­jacket) on and if not, get it on!

At the end of the day – ev­ery skip­per is still re­spon­si­ble for his own and his part­ner's safety.

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