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“Guardians of the Bass Uni­verse” What is there left to say about spawn­ing sea­son that has not been said be­fore? Not very much I guess... – Kevin Lof­st­edt

Be­fore I start with this month’s ar­ti­cle, I would like to make it plain that com­ments and or per­sonal ob­ser­va­tions in th­ese ar­ti­cles are not nec­es­sar­ily the views of SA Bass, and or the Ed­i­tor or Staff.

Now, we’re back at that time of the year again, and what is there left to say about spawn­ing sea­son that has not been said be­fore? Not very much I guess. With this in mind, some things can never be re­peated too of­ten. Like catch and re­lease. This is the back­bone against which all our ac­tiv­i­ties must take place. It’s my con­sid­ered opinion that spawn­ing sea­son is not the right time to be shar­ing de­tails about how when and where to catch our bass at a time when they are most vul­ner­a­ble. I know this sounds harsh, but the old WWII ex­pres­sion “loose lips sink ships” pretty much summed up how much trou­ble our mouths can get us into. Well in our case “big mouths kill big mouths” is about the same thing. This might sound harsh, but we need to be vig­i­lant about who we share in­for­ma­tion with. I’ve said this be­fore, and I’ll say it again: There are some amongst us that troll the so­cial me­dia, pop­u­lar bassing web­sites, bassing mag­a­zines as well as tackle shops to find out where the “bass are bit­ing”. Un­less you know them per­son­ally, or some­one that will vouch for them, you need to err on the side of say­ing noth­ing. Never for­get that there are some amongst us that will go to any lengths to make a buck, and the whole­sale slaugh­ter off bass is right up their al­ley. An easy way to make a quick buck, with very lit­tle or no chance of be­ing stopped by any­one. Just sit­ting here writ­ing this stuff makes me want to stran­gle some of those em­ploy­ing the use of gill nets to rape our re­source. Their ethics are very of­ten lower than most of our politi­cians. (And that’s say­ing some­thing!). We spend many hours ev­ery year, very of­ten strug­gling to get a bite or two, so when spawn­ing sea­son ar­rives, it’s the “time of plenty”. It’s hard to crit­i­cise any­one for want­ing to take ad­van­tage of this time of year, how­ever, we should strive to do this in the most eth­i­cal man­ner as we pos­si­bly can.

Words of wis­dom:

If you set out to be liked, you would be pre­pared to com­pro­mise on any­thing at any time, and you would achieve noth­ing! - Mar­garet Thatcher.

*Kevin Lof­st­edt is a reg­u­lar writer and a well known veteran bass an­gler with three times South­ern Gauteng Colours since 1985. He is also the main founder of Clear­wa­ter Bass­mas­ters Bass Chap­ter (1994). He can be reached at

A male and fe­male bass do­ing their thing. Do your thing and prac­tise “catch and re­lease”

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