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There is only one type of sur­face wire bait and that is the buzzbait. A buzzbait is very sim­i­lar look­ing to a spin­ner with a skirt on a lead head at­tached to a wire frame, the only dif­fer­ence be­ing the large pro­pel­ler like blade. This fast mov­ing bait is re­ally sim­ple to fish and just about as weed­less as a spin­ner­bait. Once you have cast the buzz bait out it is a sim­ple mat­ter of re­triev­ing it at a fast enough speed to make it run on the sur­face (which is slower than one might think for this wire and lead con­trap­tion!)

These are also di­vided into two sep­a­rate types, namely the hol­low body frog and the solid body frog. Both de­signs are weed­less type baits and they are best suited for heav­ily veg­e­tated waters. The hol­low body frog comes with the hook built in while you use sim­i­lar hooks on

The third and prob­a­bly most pop­u­lar sur­face bait is the soft frog.

your solid body frog to what you would use for other types of soft baits. With a hol­low body frog you have to im­part ac­tion to the lure with your rod tip by twitch­ing and pop­ping it, and since these frogs float they are also the best choice for when the bass is a lit­tle lazy and not in­ter­ested in eat­ing mov­ing baits. Solid body frog de­signs come in two types of leg de­signs namely a rip­ple tail or a pad­dle tail. Both de­signs do es­sen­tially the same thing which is to churn wa­ter and the best de­sign is the one you are com­fort­able with. My per­sonal choice is one with rip­ple type legs, as I like the more sub­tle ac­tion it im­parts as op­posed to the kick­ing type legs. To fish these, sim­ply cast them right on top the struc­ture and swim them back to you at a speed that will keep them on the sur­face, and hang on!

With all of these baits it is nec­es­sary to re­trieve the lure back as close as you can; it is not un­com­mon to get a strike with only a me­ter or two of line out. Pay at­ten­tion to the speed of your re­trieve as it will usu­ally take a few casts to fig­ure out what the fish want on a par­tic­u­lar day, and re­mem­ber what you were do­ing when you got the bite! It is also im­por­tant to fish sur­face lures on a float­ing line, prefer­ably braid but a strong monofil­a­ment will also do the trick. Flu­o­ro­car­bon line sinks and will thus com­pro­mise the ac­tion of the lure. Also be sure to keep more than one type of these baits. Like any­thing else in bass fish­ing, dif­fer­ent sur­face lures work un­der dif­fer­ent con­di­tions. I would start with the two types of soft bod­ied frogs and then add to my col­lec­tion sys­tem­at­i­cally.

A seven foot medium heavy rod should do you just fine for most of your sur­face an­gling from the bank. As for a reel, just make sure it is tough, es­pe­cially if you are to us­ing braid.

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