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Now we get to the fun part of spawn and that is “post spawn”. You are still go­ing to get some males guard­ing the nests, and yes its fun catch­ing them, but leave them to look af­ter the nests. There are big­ger prizes wait­ing for you close by if you know where to look. A lot of an­glers as­sume that the fe­males have moved to their sum­mer ar­eas and we all know what they say about as­sump­tion, as­sump­tion is the mother of all screw ups, that’s putting it nicely for the kids. A lot of these fe­males will be hang­ing around at a nearby piece of struc­ture like a brush pile, rock pile or even one big piece of con­crete that just ly­ing around. This is when I’ll be look­ing in my pres­pawn ar­eas.

Re­mem­ber, they were fa­mil­iar with the struc­ture in the pre-spawn and the chances of them go­ing back are very good. Once again I will use a search type bait to try and lo­cate these fe­males. Make no mis­take, this is the most un­pre­dictable time of the spawn­ing sea­son but when you cracked the code you are go­ing to have a lot of fun and you will usu­ally catch the good fish that is still hang­ing around.

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