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Spawn is the most pre­dictable part of the spawn­ing cy­cle. Did you know that some states in the USA have banned bass fish­ing in spawn be­cause an­glers are caus­ing havoc on the spawn­ing bass? But that aside, this is when the wa­ter tem­per­a­ture is get­ting to the ideal stage and this is when the big momma’s will move in on the freshly built nests. This pe­riod might be any­thing from a cou­ple of days to a cou­ple of weeks all de­pend­ing on the wa­ter and weather con­di­tions. One year we were catch­ing spawn­ing bass for more than a month, we couldn’t go wrong. I’ve found that a large, bulky bait which ir­ri­tates the bass might just be what the doc­tor or­dered. A magnum lizard is a good lure to start with. If you use a small bait the fish might just push it out off the nest, it’s not re­ally go­ing to feel as ir­ri­tated as when you plunge a gi­ant bait next to it.

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