SA Bass - - Strat­egy -

Now we get “pres­pawn” and it’s a very im­por­tant time for the bass. This is of course when the fish will move onto the spawn­ing banks. You will al­ways get the smaller males that will be ea­ger to build their nests. Water tem­per­a­tures will start to get warmer too. One thing that you will no­tice is that the bass will be very ob­ject ori­en­tated and you will find them on the shal­lower side of a piece of struc­ture next to its nest. Al­though I’ll be tempted to go for those males I will move to water with a depth of be­tween 4ft and 7ft. Why you might ask? There I’ll be look­ing for scat­tered fe­males which are nor­mally big­ger than their coun­ter­parts and they’ll still be feed­ing and be­cause they are scat­tered, they will be mov­ing fast and chase the bait. This is when I’ll be us­ing a jerk type bait.

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