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This prac­tice has been on­go­ing for years and is un­doubt­edly de­stroy­ing our dams. We as an­glers have stood back for too long and have not taken mat­ters into our own hands. In­stead, we have re­lied on the “pow­ers to be” within this gov­ern­ment to as­sist in the erad­i­ca­tion of il­le­gal net­ting. It is quite ob­vi­ous that this route has failed dis­mally.

Why then, may I be so pru­dent as to ask, has SABAA not taken the ini­tia­tive, and put for­ward some pro­posal to all prov­inces, and bass an­glers for that mat­ter to as­sist in the con­trol and erad­i­ca­tion of il­le­gal net­ting. Why then, have the cast for cash trails, them­selves, not come to the ta­ble as a col­lec­tive force and ta­ble a plan to take mat­ters into their own hands and com­bat this prac­tice.

After all, it is we the an­glers who will ben­e­fit in the long run. For some rea­son or other we sit back in the com­fort of our pro­tected homes hop­ing the prob­lem will dis­ap­pear all on its own. That, my fel­low an­glers, is not go­ing to hap­pen, un­less we do some­thing our­selves.

We, as an­glers can­not deny the amount of money spent on our sport. Yet the very fish we so dearly spend so much money and time to out­wit and land are be­ing slowly erad­i­cated due to net­ting, not to men­tion the very food source the bass rely on to sur­vive are also be­ing tar­geted.

I am cer­tain there have been some form of erad­i­ca­tion mea­sures / ac­tion taken by con­cerned in­di­vid­u­als in the past, but due to lack of support from the an­gling com­mu­nity failed dis­mally.

My fel­low an­glers, it is a known fact that our dams are be­ing pres­sured im­mensely by over fish­ing and with the added net­ting prob­lem, the fu­ture of our sport looks, to say the very least, bleak.

We need to take ac­tion as a col­lec­tive an­gling com­mu­nity and start the process of sav­ing our sport. We CAN­NOT sit back any longer and hope this prac­tice will dis­si­pate. I urge all an­glers and the re­spec­tive an­gling com­mit­tees to stand up and ini­ti­ate some form of plan to com­bat this is­sue be­fore it is too late.

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