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1. MEGABASS VATALION SWIMBAIT >> Avail­able from Solly’s An­glers Cor­ner

Crafted by mas­ter lure de­signer, Yuki Ito, the Megabass Vatalion Swimbait is a bass’ worst night­mare. Mea­sur­ing 4.5-inches in length, its pro­file per­fectly matches that of a small bluegill or pan­fish, mak­ing the Vatalion a very tempt­ing meal for any hun­gry bass. The Vatalion is not meant to be worked with rod ac­tion. In­stead the re­trieve is what drives the Vatalion’s ac­tion. Tuned for all re­trieve speeds, it is de­signed to stop on a dime and slide out to the left or right when the re­trieve is sud­denly paused. With a slow re­trieve the Vatalion ex­hibits sharp, quick turns for pin­point tar­get­ing through grass beds, sub­merged weeds, and along­side struc­ture. Equipped with cus­tom holo­graphic paint jobs that re­flect mul­ti­ple col­ors at dif­fer­ent an­gles, and sticky sharp Ja­panese tre­ble hooks, the slow float­ing Megabass Vatalion Swimbait is perfect for ter­ror­iz­ing bass in the 1 to 3 foot range.

2. DUO RE­ALIS GFIX SPINBAIT 80 >> Avail­able from Solly’s An­glers Cor­ner

Ex­pe­ri­ence spy­bait­ing on steroids with the Duo Re­alis G-Fix Spinbait 80. Pro-tuned and per­fected for use with bait­cast­ing gear, Duo Re­alis in­creased the weight of the G-Fix, while still main­tain­ing its fi­nesse pro­file. This al­lows you to reach deeper bass, stay in the deeper strike zones longer, and also cast fur­ther - even in windy con­di­tions. Still un­matched and un­chal­lenged in the spy bait­ing cat­e­gory, the G-Fix delivers the sig­na­ture Spinbait ac­tion and it also features down-sized pro­pel­lers which fur­ther en­hance its sig­na­ture mi­cro-puls­ing ap­peal. De­signed for tour­na­ment fish­ing and cast­ing gear, the Duo Re­alis G-Fix Spinbait 80 has what it takes to reach fish other spy baits can’t.

3. DUO RE­ALIS JERKBAIT 110SP >> Avail­able from Solly’s An­glers Cor­ner

Made to cover more wa­ter more ef­fec­tively, the Duo Re­alis Jerkbait 110SP is packed full of ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies that help it out­per­form all of the rest. Whether it’s twitched, ripped, or worked with a straight re­trieve, the Duo Re­alis Jerkbait 110SP features trade­marked flat sides that emit a wide, at­ten­tion-grab­bing flash. In­ter­nally, the Duo Re­alis Jerkbait 110SP is built with an in­tri­cate tung­sten weight sys­tem, which keeps it com­pletely bal­anced and gen­er­ates long-dis­tance cast with lit­tle ef­fort. Made from a pro­pri­etary ABS ma­te­rial, the Duo Re­alis Jerkbait 110SP is con­structed with thick walls, in­ter­nal fram­ing, and a re­in­forced lip that gives it the struc­tural in­tegrity needed to stand up to big fish and fe­ro­cious strikes.

4. DUO RE­ALIS CRANKBAIT M62 >> Avail­able from Solly’s An­glers Cor­ner

De­signed with a thin-cut lip, the Duo Re­alis Crankbait M62 pro­vides in­creased struc­tural in­tegrity to the front of the bait, so you don’t have to be shy about dig­ging into shal­low cover and rocks. In­side, the Duo Re­alis Crankbait M62 is equipped with an ad­vanced weight trans­fer sys­tem to en­sure a great wob­bling ac­tion and ac­cu­rate, long-dis­tance casts with ease. Of­fered in a range of eye­catch­ing col­ors, the Duo Re­alis Crankbait M62 al­lows an­glers to ex­plore shal­low wa­ter like never be­fore.


De­liv­er­ing tour­na­ment cal­i­bre per­for­mance and the smooth styling to back it up, the Va­por PT Cast­ing Reel of­fers light­weight pow­er­ful per­for­mance perfect for a range of bass fish­ing ap­pli­ca­tions. The eleven bear­ing sys­tem (10+1) delivers con­sis­tently fluid casts and re­trieves and the Zero Fric­tion pin­ion de­sign only adds to the reel’s smooth­ness. A hard

brass main gear pro­vides plenty of power, and the long 90mm han­dle delivers in­creased wind­ing lever­age. Also equipped with large rub­ber cork han­dle knobs, which adds to the reel’s aes­thet­ics, the In­fi­nite ACS in­ter­nally ad­justable cast con­trol of­fers wide range of cast con­trol set­tings for a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent lures and fish­ing con­di­tions.


Typ­i­cally when ex­plor­ing deep wa­ter with plugs, an over­sized crankbait is the only op­tion, but with the Dredger crankbait an­glers now have the abil­ity to down­size their pro­file and still reach the depths needed to get that big bite. En­gi­neered with a cus­tom body shape and a weighted bill, the Dredger crankbait de­scends quickly and stays in the strike zone longer, so an­glers get the most pos­si­ble at­trac­tion out of ev­ery cast.


Ex­tend­ing the line of the leg­endary Echo Se­ries, the Silent Echo Square­bill Crankbait is a less dis­rup­tive, silent ver­sion of the wildly pop­u­lar orig­i­nal. It still pos­sesses the same wide-wob­bling ac­tion that the orig­i­nal Echo Square­bill was known for, and it now pro­vides an­glers with an­other op­tion when tar­get­ing heav­ily pres­sured fish and clearer wa­ter.


No slacker in the power depart­ment, the Hy­per Mage Speed Spool SLP Cast­ing Reel is fit­ted with a 95mm car­bon fi­bre han­dle with cus­tom Winn Dri-Tac knobs that pro­vide in­creased con­trol. When it’s time to re­ally crank on fish, the rugged car­bon fi­bre drag has an out­put 20 lbs of fish-stop­ping drag. Com­plete with a patented Speed Dial line in­di­ca­tor, the Hy­per Mag Speed Spool SLP Cast­ing Reels com­bine cloud-like con­struc­tion with next-level tech­nol­ogy for the ul­ti­mate in light­weight per­for­mance.


Com­bin­ing next-level de­sign with eye­catch­ing orange ac­cents, the Mach Crush Speed Spin Spin­ning Reels delivers the type of un­com­pro­mised per­for­mance that an­glers need to de­feat the com­pe­ti­tion. En­cased in a light­weight alu­minium body and side plates, the Mach Crush Speed Spin Spin­ning Reels are pow­ered by an ad­vanced 11-bear­ing sys­tem with 10-ball bear­ings and one Zero-Re­verse clutch bear­ing for smooth per­for­mance cast-after-cast.

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