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“Mon­ster PB” Re­cently, dur­ing a club comp held at Loskop Dam, Gareth Dray­den, owner of lo­cal brand Hill­billy Poisen had the good for­tune of land­ing his new PB. – Gareth Dry­den

Re­cently, dur­ing a club comp held at Loskop Dam, Gareth Dray­den, owner of lo­cal brand Hill­billy Poisen had the good for­tune of land­ing his new PB. With re­cent high tem­per­a­tures and those ever present late af­ter­noon thun­der­show­ers, Gareth knew that he had his work cut out for him.

In the pre­vi­ous days, a cou­ple of solid fish had been caught be­tween 5 and 10ft of wa­ter and it seemed that the fish were try­ing to hug the ther­mo­cline where cooler wa­ter would make things more com­fort­able for them. A friend of his had caught a healthy 3.6kg fish on a 15ft con­tour line and this got him think­ing that in­stead of fish­ing re­ally deep, maybe it was best to check out the mid wa­ter depth be­tween 12 and 18ft of wa­ter. Gareth knew of a spot in par­tic­u­lar that held some good brush piles in around 17ft of wa­ter and de­cided to work that area us­ing a big Brush Hog. Af­ter not get­ting much, he de­cided to com­bine the deep brush to­gether with some rocks again in 17ft of wa­ter. He quickly landed two solid keep­ers and the spot went quiet. He gave the spot a rest for a few hours and then re­turned later.

Af­ter ty­ing on a half ounce Hill­billy Poisen Wa­ter­melon Red jig, he worked the same are again but much slower and right on the bot­tom. At one point he thought he had been snagged up due to the rocks and brush. Af­ter jerk­ing on the line, twitch­ing the rod tip and pulling to get his line free of the snag, he then pulled much harder to either pull free or to snap the line and start over. As he pulled with more force, the rod bucked and the line pulled back. This is when he low­ered the tip and struck hard into what­ever was pulling back. For a mo­ment noth­ing hap­pened and then all hell broke loose as this mon­ster fish kept try­ing to dodge near the bot­tom and try­ing to get the line snagged up on the rocks and brush. A cou­ple of times the line could be felt scrap­ing along the rocks but, sud­denly she was loose and headed to the sur­face where she ex­ploded in a foun­tain of spray. Only then did Gareth re­al­ize how big the fish was and af­ter some heart stop­ping mo­ments man­aged to get the net un­der the fish and lift her out of the wa­ter. Laugh­ingly he thought that this fish might not even fit into the net at all. A very proud mo­ment in­deed came down to this and sealed his new PB.

The fish was then weighed later and held up for a few pho­tos and then re­leased to grow even big­ger and hope­fully to pro­vide the same thrill to an­other for­tu­nate an­gler some­time in the fu­ture.

*Gareth Dry­den is a hum­ble, yet a highly com­pet­i­tive in­di­vid­ual, who takes pride in ev­ery­thing he does and is al­ways striv­ing to do his best, but also will­ing to im­part his knowl­edge onto up­com­ing fish­er­men. For him fish­ing is not just a sport but a way of life, in­cor­po­rat­ing fam­ily and ev­ery­day life ex­pe­ri­ences who fishes the Cast-for-cash FLW tour­na­ment un­der team Hill­billy Poisen.

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